How would you guys classify...

  1. a bag as a classic??

    I'd just read a post about the Rivete, and some of you reckon that it won't be a classic, rather a seasonal piece that won't be worth much.. (i'm waitlisted for one but at AUD$4110 its very expensive)

    So, how DO you classify what is a classic bag?

    I love the graffiti and CB, but when i do see it now, i immediately think... "that is soooo 2004" or whatever...

    Would the Dentelle or Denim Patch be regarded as a seasonal or will it stay as a classic collectable, as all of these are One shot items??

    Any thought on this matter is greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. I see it this way..the staple monogram styles such as those in the Icons styles like the Lockit, Speedy, Noe, etc. are "classics."
    The different lines (CB, Graffiti, etc.) are just updates on the classics, they'll always be collectible due to the low production numbers. Also, a LOT of people aren't so into these lines because they really aren't collectors and tend to stick to just the monogram or Damier lines.

    Anyway as for the patchwork or the Dentelle, it's kind of hard to tell at this point. I've heard both positive and negative responses towards them so it's hard to judge how they'll be received once they actually come out. I think they'll probably be regarded as a bit quirky and fun but maybe not as collectible because I don't think they're a runaway hit like the Murakami and Steven Sprouse lines had been.
  3. i wouldn't consider the lambskin Rivette classic in the strictest sense, but i do think it will still be fine to use years from now. it's not so much a trendy piece like the Fringes or the Perfos because it is basically a solid black or white leather handbag. i wouldn't say the same for the Mono Rivette though. as for the Dentelles, i think they're not too out there to be regared as trendy either except for the runway models with the chains probably. the Denim Patchworks are definitely on the trendy side but they're extremely novel and will become super desirable for those die-hard LV collectors.
  4. ^ita
  5. no one says it better than rebecca!
  6. Well said!:yes:
  7. I think the variations on mono have the most staying power and are most likely to increase in value (cerise, panda, graffiti, CB, etc.) so it seems that the most classic bags from the S/S collection will come from the Dentelle (and for my sake, hopefully the groom peices as well)
  8. Aww thanks..and thanks to Couturegrl too! :shame:
  9. I think any mono is a classic :smile: Including the mono rivets.