How would you feel?

  1. I was in line at Jasmine Zola yesterday and I had my LV Monogram Speedy with me. There was a girl a few people back in the line and I noticed she kept staring at my bag. I didn't really know why she was staring (it is a beautiful bag). After I paid, I glanced behind me and I saw that she had one of those horrible fake LV's where the pattern is totally different and you can just tell the leather is falling apart :throwup:, I felt badly but also felt good because hopefully she got rid of it and realized that she should save for the real thing. :p She looked pretty embarresed to be carrying it. I am sure there have been times where you notice people starting at your bag for whatever reason. I just wish that fakes didn't exist because when you have the real thing it doesn't seem as special because people may assume that it is fake.

    What do you think? :confused1:
  2. It really doesn't bother me. Carry your bag with confidence always and don't worry about what others think.
  3. wouldnt really care what she thought about my bag. I dont carry items based on others thoughts.

    enjoy your bag!
  4. I often catch people staring at my bags for whatever reason but I don't care. I love my bags & carry them no matter what other people think.
  5. Agree completely. I see so many fakes where I live I am sure people look at mine and think the same thing but I know that my bags are real and that is all that matters. Carry your bag with pride. :yes:
  6. Ditto. Although when I do someone with a fake near me, I feel really uncomfortable.
  7. I have a strong beleive that

    People wont doubt about your bag or any other items if you are

    Came from famouse family
    Have high position in your work.

    Rarly i see people with the above criteria wearing fake things and people wont believe or even think that they are wearing fake things even when they are really wearing fake!!

    But if some people are don't have the criteria that i mentioned above, NEVER NEVER to wear fake things becuase if people saw you wearing tiny fake thing they will not believe that you are wearing original things even if you spent millions.

    This is what i found of people and which i believe
  8. I think Dubai is a very different place than America!
  9. If I'm carrying an authentic LV, and I see someone wearing a fake LV, then I just wonder what they'd think when they see my bag--think it's real or fake? But other than that, I don't really feel anything...unless that woman's acting super stuck up because she's carrying an "LV" :rolleyes:
  10. Cool story! I hope she realizes her bag is a fugly mess and she should toss it. I think it's so freaking wannabe to wear a fake.

    As far as people thinking my bag is fake, I guess I think a lot of myself bec. I just assume people think my bag is real lmao! I think I "look" like I can afford it, based on other things that I wear simultaneously(clothes, jewelry, sunnies, and my watch, all are high end as well). I'm not saying you don't, you probably do too. I'm sure this girl isn't the only one able to tell your bag is real.
  11. I don't care that people carry fakes. A lot of the time it is because they cannot afford an expensive bag. Even if they carry fakes and they could afford an authentic bag I don't think it is my place to look down on them. I wouldn't do it, but who really cares? They can do whatever they want. I carry designer bags because I love them. I don't carry them so people look at me a certain way.
  12. I agree.
  13. I don't own a Speedy or anything from the mono line, so I've never been around someone with the fake version of the bag that I'm carrying.
    I don't think I would care, though.

    I would feel bad if someone thought they were carrying the real thing and then realized they were carrying a fake.
    Or actually, I would feel bad that they had forked over cash for a fake. I guess finding out that it's a fake is a good thing.

    The only thing I think is sad is when I see a mom with a bad fake Speedy, and then a little girl in tow, with a MC pochette with 8 studs and a bow. Poor kid :sad:
  14. Just carry your bag which you worked hard for (or someone worked hard to buy you a gift). We all know that unfortunately there are alot of fakes out there and alot of people who buy them knowing they are fakes and some who just don't know. Enjoy your bag.
  15. I agree with everyone. It is not that I cared that she was judging my bag...or that I was ashamed to carry it by any means. I don't want to sound rude at all so please do not take this the wrong way, but I usually do wear nice clothes (or at least if they are from marshalls I accessorize nicely!) But really. I mean I guess I do look like someone who would carry a bag like that. I just felt badly for the girl because she looked embarrssed. I dunno it was just a thought, but never in my life have I been ashamed of my purses, that would just be mean!!