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  1. I recently bought a Neverful GM and the SA packaged it in the dustbag and placed that in a wide, yet shallow shopping bag. I can't decide if I'm annoyed by this or not. I have looked at this two ways. First, do I really need a huge box? I think I threw the box for my last LV purchase out, but it felt really good taking my extremely expensive bag home and pulling it out of that great box with the leather ribbon. It was part of the experience. The second way I've looked at it is that even though the Neverful is somewhat "affordable" by LV standards, $700 is still $700 and any paying customer should at least be asked if they prefer a box or not, no matter how much they're spending. I guess I would have appreciated having a choice.

    Has this ever happened to you? What are your feelings?:girlsigh:
  2. Why didn't you just ask for one? That happened to me and I just requested for a box. I like to keep my LV's in boxes.
  3. I would ask for a box even if I didn't need it. I've purchased small accessories and all of them came with boxes so I think a $700 bag should definitely come with one.
  4. I probably would have eventually put the box in the recycle bin. It had more to do with the SA not assuming that I did or didn't want one. I know this is silly and trivial.
  5. That happened to me a few years ago when I got my perforated mono speedy. I was too excited that I didnt care for the box then I just realized my mistake for not asking one a few days after:sad:...

    Ive gotten a box for every LV I got before and after that though.
  6. I want boxes for all my purchases. They are great for if you ever decide to sell the bag down the road it helps to have a complete set (box, dust bag, tags).
  7. I always get a box with my purchases because my SA is wonderful and knows what I prefer. However, where I live, recycling is a must so if you don't ask for one they won't give it you. Just ask for one next time you go in a boutique.
  8. My SA knows I don't want a box, except for w/accessories, so she never gives me one, just the dustbag and the LV shopping bag. The last bag I purchased from her I did ask for a box, though.
  9. I have always received boxes when I order through eluxury.
    At the boutiques, I only get them for accessories. It doesn't bother me because I have to fly home and there's no way to get that box home, you know? :smile:
  10. I just recently started purchasing LV and they have always offered the gift box. I declined the last box for the Tivoli GM because it was so big and would take up too much space in my closet. The gift box is a nice gesture for your purchase that should be offered with every purchase and It should be the customers decision to decline the gift box.
  11. i always asked ofr boxes as i can used it for other purposes...:tup:
  12. I'd feel fine with it. I have a number of boxes, i never do anything with them. I threw one out recently and next bag i buy i will request not to get a box. I need to watch how i treat the environment anyway. : )
  13. My horizontal lockit was packed without a box, just in a dustbag. I went back to the Monte Carlo store and asked for one, since I was traveling home to the US. They gave me one with no hassle.
  14. I'm at the point where, unless it's a small accessory, I don't need another big box.
  15. If you want a box, just ask for one.... some of the SAs are not that aware that LV collectors are fans of boxes....My SA always gives me a box but I've bought LV from other stores where the SA was just not that aware and didn't give me a box until I asked for it.

    But, when I bought my MOCA Neverfull MM, the LV store at the MOCA didn't have any large boxes that I remember, they just placed the purse folded up inside a dust bag and placed it inside the shopping bag.

    Personally, now, I'm not going to ask for a large box anymore because I never do anything with them - they take up too much space in my home. But, I do like having the smaller boxes for jewelry and accessory items.
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