How would you feel if this happened yo you?

  1. O.k. so I go to my dr. appointment, the receptionist asks for my insurance and birthday. So I give her my card and tell her my B-day is 6-3-1974. And because I give her my Medi-care card she asks for my Driver's License because I'm 33 and on medi-care. O.k. fine no big deal..........Then she asks " why are you on Medicare?" I let her know and she replies with this statement......

    " Oh, that's not very common but I had a friend that was diagnosed with that and she only lived like 2 years after she was diagnosed."

    As I was giving her this crazy look she then said............

    "Well to make you feel better I have Adult Acne."

    I then laughed at her and said, "yea I could tell something was wrong with you because your skin looks awful.".........I then took my card from her and went to sit down!!

    What would you have said or done? :crybaby: This has just been eating at me all day.
    IDK? Was I rude? How would you feel?
  2. Maybe it was a little rude, but what she said was rude. (Or not very comforting.)

    Regardless, she shouldn't have said that.
  3. PUHLEEZE! A rude question deserves a rude response! Good for you!

  4. Were you rude? Not in the least bit! Good for you for standing up for you. But was she rude, out of line, and completely unprofessional? YES! Did you speak with your doctor about this? I would definately speak to someone higher up about an incident like this. First of all, do the receptionists even have the business to ask why you have this insurance or that insurance? The point is you have it and you had your ID to prove it was you and there should have been no further questions. I'm sorry her comment got to you.. but she's not worth it.
  5. What a rude beotch! I went to the ER once for a broken toe and when they asked for my insurance info I told them I had none. The lady curled up her nose at me and goes, "No insurance?!???!!!" She acted like I'd just told her I was going to plant a bomb in the hospital. Hello, not everyone is employed by a corporation and is elligible for group benefits. Some of us are self employed and can't get insurance because the damn insurance companies won't insure us. It just pisses me off when people judge you for whatever circumstance you might have, especially when you can't control it.
  6. I got scratched across my eyeball once by my cat and my now-ex husband took me to the ER (a scratched cornea is quite painful). I walked in with my hand cupped over my eye and the triage nurse took one look at me, whipped her head around to my ex, and said in a very loud, accusing voice, "He hit you, didn't he?!" I was like:wtf:??
  7. LOL...Yes, I think you were a bit on the rude side...
  8. Not only was it rude but it could possibly be against medical privacy laws for her to even ask you why you receive Medi-care. I'd tell your Dr.
  9. I'm not sure what upset me more her asking me why i am on medicare , other people have asked before i didn't find myself so upset over it, or the fact that she made me feel like i could just die at any time. See, .....I do worry about what could happen to me because I have small children, and her comment just made me think about that all day and it just put me in a sad mood.
  10. I'm sorry that she ruined your day. Some people just don't think before they open their mouths and insert their foot into it. I don't think your response was rude, she should never had said that to you.
  11. I don't think you were rude. She deserved that response in return. I would have said the same thing.
  12. Very unprofessional of her. Some people have a direct connection between every thought in their head and their mouth. And to talk about someone dying who has what you have--how insensitive can she get??????

    I'm not going to judge what you said to her--she had it coming for being rude and insensitive and probably legally out of line.

    Once I had a scan that showed a blocked artery. Talking to my family doctor about it, he pulled out a model of the heart and said "they call that the widowmaker 'cause it can kill you so quickly"!!!:wtf: Fortunately, I'd been going to him long enough to know he's always saying stuff like that and I didn't overreact. He really was a good dr. (Turned out the scan was wrong and my arteries were clear)
  13. She was heartless. I think your response was justified and I probably would have added "So that makes you ugly inside and out, doesn't it"? Please don't let this witch upset you.:flowers:
  14. Like the other, I would contact the docter, NP or the office manager. Just let her know exactly what she said and that for the sake of future patients' feelings, you do not want this to happen again. Some people do not think before they speak and their brain gets ahead of their mouths. And people like that deserve everything they get. So no, you were not rude, she deserved it. Maybe she will learn next time. I'm so sorry she hurt your feelings and I am so sorry about your situtation. Take care.
  15. My goodness. It isn't her place to tell you anything like that at all, she's not a doctor, she needs to stick to her job being a receptionist. Please tell your doctor about that incident, so that the woman can't continue doing that to others.