How would you feel if this happened to you?


Feb 6, 2011
Not true story, but curious

Like for example you kept on browsing at this bag on the website, like the Trevi for example, for like a year and it was always in your wishlist it was your wallpaper on the Phone or like you were dying to get one forEVER. Your son and husband see you browse the LV website. Then they notice that you have an obsession with the Trevi so much. Then you find evidence that they planned to get you the Trevi for christmas. Then it was christmas. It was time to unwrap. You felt the adrenaline rush and your nerves were tingling because of excitement. Your head is like " LV! LV! LV! TREVI! TREVI! TREVI! GONNA LOVE IT! "When you unwrapped it for christmas, your gift was suddenly a Michael Kors, Coach or Juicy couture wallet. How would you feel?

Me: I would be like " :faint: okay.? "


Mar 27, 2009
Perth, Western Australia
I've learnt over the years it's best just to either get it yourself or give your family a list of two/three things... that way I'm never disappointed lol :P As the above poster said anyway, in the end, it's the thought that counts :smile:


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Jun 9, 2009
I know what you mean Lc4x4!!! But then again it is the thought that counts as serenityxd & jen_sparro mentioned.

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Sep 18, 2008
I dont expect anymore that way you wont be dissapointed.
Like they say its better to give than to receive.
And like the other ladies have said its the though that counts.
Im sure there is plenty of women out there who would love to receive your above said gifts so i think we should all appreciate whatever gift we receive this year, as you know some people get nothing at all for christmas.
Just a thought for the day :smile:


Sep 20, 2011
All of you are correct! But in order to reduce the element of surprise (and might I add disappointment), I write two or three things on a list for my husband. I appreciate any gifts I get but from H, I expect more thought and awareness.


Nov 27, 2009
East Bay, CA
It is the thought that counts like everyone says. I usually buy what I want throughout the year anyway so never disappointed come Christmas time.

Then again, i always tell my DH that he can never go wrong with jewelry. :biggrin:


Jan 22, 2011
Katy Tx
I'd be disappointed but not show it . Then use the item, act like you love it ,then if you don't then put it away.
A few years back I asked for the zippy wallet and got the zippy coin purse instead. I was disappointed but ended up falling in love with it.


Jul 31, 2009
I told my husband that the ONE thing I want this year..more than anything, and it would be absolutely PERFECT..would be for him and the kids to clean my car. LOL

I buy my own bags and accessories, it just isn't my hubby's thing, and he doesn't understand my love for LV. He thinks that it's a mental illness..haha.

So, don't aim too high, and you'll never be disappointed on Christmas morning! :smile:

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Mar 28, 2006
the land of cold!
Christmas is about spending time with family not what is under the tree!

be happy you got anything!

If you really want this bag get it yourself. :smile:

For my birthday I got an awesome canon slr camera... I have no use for it. I'm happy with my canon pocket cam because it fits nicely in my handbags.. Hubs has a nice canon cam that we use on vacations ..

I could think of a million other things that money could be used for ... but hey its the thought that counts!!
I use the camera... i'm not over the top about it but I put on a smile when I use it. I would much rather my llittle pocket cam but gave it to my son as his was stolen.
Aug 18, 2010
i try not to be expectant or anticipate what i *might* get. it's the thought that counts and also getting to take time away from our ever busy lives to spend with our families.


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Jul 29, 2008
New York/ Vermont
I would be happy with the present I got unless I was lead on by whoever gave the gift that I would get the Trevi as joke. That wouldnt be funny.


Oct 10, 2008
I make my husband a detailed list with pictures of what I want, he requests one every year bc he has a few ideas but he also wants to get things i need (hello cross stitch fabric!) that way its all surprises but also stuff i wanted. we did that after a very disappointing xmas the first year we were married. I discovered even major hints most men are oblivious to


Jul 31, 2009
I would be happy with the present I got unless I was lead on by whoever gave the gift that I would get the Trevi as joke. That wouldnt be funny.
Exactly! My husband does that to me ALL THE TIME..and then when I tell him that he shouldn't do that because it gets my hopes up, he gets irritated and snaps at me! It's very bizarre. Like..he knows right now that I'm DYING for a Tivoli the other day we were talking about shopping, and how we went double over budget for the kids for Christmas AND their birthdays (daughter's was last week, son's is next week) and said that we should not exchange gifts with each other. And he said..."So I'm not buying a Tivoli GM, after all?" Now, just the fact that he knows the name Tivoli GM is a HUGE deal, right? So I said, "You wouldn't have anyway, do you know how much they cost?" And he responded yes, and told me the price! AFTER tax! Which indicates to me that he actually took the time to listen to what I want, and research the price, right? Talk about getting my hopes up! So when I said, "Were you really going to get me a Tivoli GM!!!???" he snapped at me, "Are you serious?? We already spent thousands of dollars on the kids in the past 2 weeks, and the parties etc... I can't buy a $2,000 bag right now!!!" and acted irritated with me. Jerk :P