How would you feel if this happened to you?

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  1. Two years ago, my husband and I bought my sister a Cerises Speedy and pochette cles as a wedding gift. When we presented to her after a nice dinner as a surprise, there was no reaction nor did she showed any interest.

    Although she knew that I already had one myself, she said oh, why did you buy another one? I said it's our wedding gift to you. All she said was "OH":confused1: and she just put in on the floor and didn't say Thank you or even another word after that and just changed the subject.

    Needless to say, I felt hurt and upset. A few weeks past and I told her that if she didn't like the bag, just sell it and use the money on something else. She just said NO, I guess I will keep it and I know for a fact she never used it. Once in awhile I would bring the purse up and say that know she has a daughter she can pass it to her one day.

    I know that she is not big on designer purses but I thought it would something special for her since we are pretty close.

    Anyways, I thought I let out some steam after reading anther thread how one sister was surprising her sister with a LV for her 18th birthday, how sweet that was!

    Has anyone ever been in this situation or what would you do or say?
  2. I have a sister who is the not into designer's the way that I am, but I would still try to give her such a gift, as you did.

    Honestly, I would ask for it back. To you it was a special gift and to her it was not received in the same light. You can either sell it or find someone else who could truly appreciate it the way it was meant to be appreciated!

    Good luck to you!!
  3. IMO, if you knew she wasn't into designer stuff, it was a wrong choice of gift and her reaction shouldn't have surprised you at all. It would've been a lot more thoughtful and special if you'd bought her something she was into.

    I can relate to both you and your sister in a way. I've given designer gifts to people who just dont appreciate their value. At first, I was kind of peeved that they didn't appreciate it, but then I realised that it was rude on my part to not be more sensitive to their likes and dislikes when it came to gift giving- If you're not into the same things as your frends of family, it really sucks when they buy you something that THEY really like for YOUR special occasion and then are upset or confused when you don't go gaga over the item like they do.

    I wouldn't ask for it back though, because even though she might not have liked it as much as you did, it's still a gift, and at the end of the day, it's the thought that counts. I'm sure that's the reason she hasn't sold it or given it to someone else. Just chalk it up to experience and get something that she likes in the future, for her birthday or anniversary, etc..
  4. The funny thing is that my sister always follows what I buy or do so I figure she would get into LVs as well. When I showed her my first LV (pink/pink PTI Cherry Blossom wallet), she thought it was really cute but did say she would never spend that kind of money on a purse or wallet for herself. Money is definitely NOT an issue to her but I figure we would surprise her with one especially that it's limited edition representing the year Cerises came out and the year of her wedding.

    Oh well, I guess if she is ever in need of cash, then she can sell it or pass it onto her daughter. I wouldn't think of asking it back. a gift is a gift but I guess it was a lesson learnt for me!

    :oh: :oh: :oh:
  5. I've learned never to give someone a gift that is something that you love but is not necassarily them. I've bought a lot of designer bags for family members that have never seen the light of day. I now try to buy gifts that I know will suit the person and is something that they like. A gift is a gift, once you give it it is the person's to do as they please.
  6. well, since its a wedding gift maybe she thought you would have gotten something both her and her husband could use. if she isnt into designer things then it may have been a really wrong choice (in to meaning that if she wouldnt buy it herself eventhough she financially could have then she doesnt seem interested). dont ask for it back, thats tacky.
  7. I y know you had thought behind it but i 'm sure i'd feel the same why if i wasnt into designer bags. I would have been more surprised if it was a gift both my new husband and I could use.

    I think your gift is more a personal gift for xmas, or birthday.
    Maybe one day she'll use it.:sad:
  8. I kind of know how you feel I bought my sister an Armani watch for her 18th and I've never seen it again but she keeps showing me all these other watches she has bought (fashion watches) so it did dissapoint me but I gave her the gift and it's up to her how she uses it.
    I did ask about it once and found out that she didn't want to damage it so she only wears it on special occassions, she's not into designer things and I guess it was just scary for her to wear as an everyday watch.

    There is little you can do about it now so it's may be best just to drop the matter with her, if you mention it a lot to her she may end up resenting the gift.
  9. Hmmmm tough one. I don't have a sister...only brothers so I am not sure what to do in this situation. If you guys are really close...maybe you can talk to her about this. If you're not too close and it's all awkward....I would just let it go and try not to think about it too much. I hate to think of that gorgeous bag sitting in her closet...but not much you can do. Let us know what happens. What a sweet gift in my opinion.
  10. I feel for you and for the bag! I bought my daughter a MC Speedy 35 for her 18th birthday in March and she loves it! If she hadn't...I would have quickly taken it back!
  11. Oh my goodness how rude.
  12. My thoughts exactly...batgirl, you say some very wise things :yes:
  13. I got my sis in law a speedy cerises when they came out when I bought mine. I also got my mom a pochette access and a sac plat in cerises. They still use the bags occasionally but the speedy has been loaned to friends before. It is hard for me to keep focused on the fact that it's hers to do as she pleases because OMG it freaks me out to trust someone else with Both of these ladies are huge fans of Vera Bradley bags. So since those cerises gifts, I haven't bothered to give them any other LVs as I always see them with busy floral bags instead by VB. lol :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
    If I were you, OP I would have probably been taken aback too. Just chalk it up to a lesson learned I guess.
    When I personally got married, I WISH someone had given us gifts personalized for us- like purses or a gift for DH himself. We both already had our own houses fully furnished, and had to sell a lot of stuff to combine to one residence, so it sucks that we got tons more stuff we couldn't use when we married. Most of it went to eBay unfortunately. Wish it had been
  14. ITA w/what's said above, not everyone is in to LV or designer items even whem $ is not a subject for them. If you really feel bad about it, perhaps you can give your sister something both her and her hisband like during their anniversary?
  15. I have to agree with some of the other here in saying while it was a very nice gesture on your part, you really can't do anything about it because it's her gift. You really can't buy gifts just beacuse you love them, even though it's more fun- gifts should ultimately be bought to match the recipient's interests and desires.