How would you feel if Mr. Louboutin, himself,

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  1. Was involved hands on in the crafting of one of your lovely pairs.
  2. Nobody?
  3. That would be an added bonus!!!!! But i think that it would probably take WAY longer to get my shoes if each boutique had to wait for him to help with every pair! lol. But the pair would feel more special to me for sure!
  4. I wonder if you would be able to feel the magic!
  5. ^ :roflmfao:
  6. You mean actually making the shoe?
    He's a designer, so I wouldn't expect that he would have much to do with the actual craftsmanship.
  7. All designers start off constructing their own designs and many continue to make the initial prototype of each design they do in a season, even after they're out of school and apprenticeship. Just because Msr. is the designer, it doesn't mean he doesn't do some of the construction as well. Sometimes putting your hands on the material and seeing how it works in practice is the only way to know it enough to design with it.
  8. ^Yes, I'm sure that that's true of many designers and it makes perfect sense that some of them have a hand in craftsmanship as well.
    I guess I'm missing the point of this thread? I wouldn't expect Msr. to have his hand on the craftsmanship of a pair of my shoes and therefore, I don't have any feelings about it. Perhaps some of it is because there are thousands of pairs of CL shoes manufactured each year, so the chances that Msr. would touch any one of them specifically, is pretty slim...
    I'm pretty sure that there would be a "cool" factor if that was actually the case or like the others have mentioned, they would be some pretty "magical" shoes:smile:
  9. I think Loubie22 is talking about Special Order and one-of-a-kind styles, not production shoes. There are definitely not thousands of SOs and one-offs made a year. ;)
  10. Wait.... Msr Louboutin DID NOT make my shoes? :cry:
    What next? No Santa Claus?
  11. ^^ LOLOL bella!!

    I definitely think he is involved in the craftsmanship especially during development of a new style since he's the one with the vision. Can we find any video with him being hands on maybe?
  12. There's this one (in French, sorry) where he's talking about the design of two shoes for Dita (coincidentally my two absolute favorites--Youpli and Catwoman), but he's not doing the construction.

    After watching the NM interview, I'm wondering if Msr. does do any of the prototyping himself. The way he talks about looking at his initial drawings and at the shoes together after they're made makes it sound as if he doesn't--but I don't know. It may be that he does the equivalent of draping and patternmaking for each new design, but passes it on to someone to do the final construction. I do know that many clothing and handbag designers assemble their own sample designs, but shoe designers may not.
  13. ^:roflmfao: wooh, that's good stuff!

    elf- LOVE the Youpli, oh how wish it would go into production.
  14. :lolots:
  15. Thanks for the videos elf! I agree, I'm not sure if he assembles his own sample designs. From what it sounds like in the NM video, he doesn't. But I guess when he sees the final product and it feels like something's missing, he'll put the finishing touch?