how would you do when the potential buyer avoid payment after getting your bag

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  1. I am trying to sell some of my LV bags which they are under either new or almost new condition. I found out the potential buyer who also is selling design bags on eBay and also has good reputation. so the buyer basically buys my bags and resale them. I contacted the buyer and shipped my bags to her since she lives another city. when she got the bags, she did give me the quotes and I didn't accept. She suggested we should talk more about the price. I have tried to contact her since last week. I kept on sending email and voicemail. but haven't got any responses from her. I am getting nervous and feel I am going to lose those bags. I know I am too stupid to just send those bags out. did anyone has the similiar situation before ?? or any suggestion???
  2. You shipped before receiving payment? Short of filing a police report for theft, where the burden of proof would be on you, I think you should just chalk this up to a lesson learned. It might be that she's trying to locate buyers for your bags and will pay you after she concludes those transactions, but that's pretty optimistic thinking.

    Sorry. :sad:
  3. yeah, I'm trying to figure out why you'd ship/give someone bags w/o payment{?}
  4. yes, why I sent my bags w/o payment ?? I thought she has good reputation on the selling and took a chance to believe that she would be a honest person as well. Yes. it's the stupidest thing I have done. I just don't understand she is in the business for a while and has good reputation among the people, why she wants to take advantage from me. I know I will never know the answer but feel bad for her.
  5. Unfortunately I think it will be very difficult to get your bags back.

    How did she present this transaction to you? Were her intentions to buy the bags from you or sell them for you?

    Have you been saving all your emails to and from this buyer/seller? Do you have all her information: name, address, etc.?

    Your best bet is to inform her you will be filing a report with your local police department, District Attorneys office and FTC if you do not receive a response from her by tomorrow regarding the return of your handbags. (To be honest, I don't know if you have a case, but at this point I don't think the threat will hurt you.)
  6. I'm not sure what your state laws are where you live, but under English common law this could be a case of criminal misappropriation, criminal breach of trust or cheating. One of the 3. I suggest you make a police report on it for immediate criminal investigations. That may also scare her into returning your bags.
  7. I think it may be worth taking a trip to the address you sent the bags to. DO NOT tell her you will be doing this, but just turn up. Catching them unawares, may be a way of at least getting your bags back.

    Do you know this person? How do you know she has a good reputation?

    Good luck

  8. Holy moly! I have never heard anything like this before. I would seriously consider taking that trip, as well. At the least, contact the police and speak with them about your options.
  9. Yeah, let the police show up on her door.. maybe that will get her to return them. Maybe just to ask questions or something. I did that when my credit card was used in NYC. They helped me out alot since I am in California.
  10. she was buying my bags and I believe that she will sell the bags either on-line or store if she has one. yes, I have all the emails, her address, name and phone number. I will send her email today and inform her that I am going to file report with the police. thanks.
  11. she lives in New York and I live in Maryland. I saw her url from this forum and had users mentioned that she was good when they bought things from her. I guess she is good on selling but not buying.
  12. oh wow..! keep us posted on what happens!
  13. Are you in the business of supplying sellers with bags or were you selling your personal collection?
  14. Make sure you have a copy of every email that pertains to this transaction.

    If you have to file a complaint, these will be evidence to support your claim.
  15. the buyer responded to my email right away when the email indicated to a file police report. she offered another price but it was still too low, I just asker her to send my bags back. I hope I will get my bags back next week.

    I really appreciate everyone's advice and suggestion. this is my first time to sell the bags; my own bags. It's torturous...