How would you describe the different leathers?

  1. How would you describe the Nappa? Nappa Umbria? Whats the difference between these two?

    What are the other leather options available ? Which ones are the most durable? least durable?
  2. There is one big difference between Nappa and Nappa Umbria. While the regular Nappa is lamb leather, Nappa Umbria is treated with a wax after the dyeing process and therefore has different characteristics, such as showing the color more uneven and darker, being a little "thicker" than Nappa, but maybe also a little more durable.

    Other than the exotic options, BV uses deer (maybe the most durable and lightweight), Chevrette (goatskin), Catalano calf (extremely scratch-resistant), Vachette (woven calfskin).

    All of them have their advantages and (only in relation to the others) their disadvantages...
  3. Good info Claus. However, I would like to say that deer skin whilst durable is def not lightweight. It's quite heavy actually as its rather thick.
  4. ^Oh sorry, ms p! I never held a deer BV but the deer Downtowns are so lightweight, that I thought it went for the BVs as well. Heading down to the BV store to check up on that! *lol*
  5. My experience with deer is my Poudre Cocker, which is not light, even when empty. It's really smooshy though. Do report back on the other deer finds.

    Or it could be that for YSL, the deer is certainly lighter than buffolo.