How would you describe Chloe as a brand? and who is the girl who carries the paddy?

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  1. Just musing here...
    Someone described the bbag as edgy and casual and I would agree with that.
    I'd describe Chanel as elegant, luxurious and timeless...
    How would you describe the Chloe paddington? and what type of gal do you think epitomizes the brand?
  2. casual glam type of gal :shame: LOLOLOL

    I think it's very versatile.

    You can rock this bag soo many ways which makes it very versatile: conservative, funky, bohemiam,... i really think casual glamourous describes it perfectly~~~
  3. ^^I like that description. Others opinions??
  4. I would describe it as subtle glam with an urban cool edge. I love it! The quality shows even if you don't recognize the brand. Several people around my area don't know what Chloe is but they love the style, colors, and quality. They know it's expensive and special!
  5. Hobo Chic? Casual Luxe? I got it......
    In a league of its own!!!! (because it is so different from all the other bags out there)
  6. I Agree..nice description.
  7. mm... the "fashionably low key" kind of gal?

    Someone who appreciates luxe leathers and good quality, but isn't high maintenance. She's effortlessly chic.
  8. I like effortlessly chic myself. That's always my goal when planning outfits-- look great, but not overdone!
  9. Casual yet sexy French girl chatting to her girlfriends in a cafe across from the Sorbonne.
  10. free spirited like the hippie days!
  11. Oh, i love your descriptions!! I am trying to see if I am that girl...Love the look and the leather of the chloe paddy but am not sure that I pull it off....(I keep trying though! :smile:)
  12. I was concerned too before i took the Chloe plunge. I am typically pretty conservative, and was usually drawn to Hermes, MJ, or Chanel. But something about Chloe's leather just drew me in... like a trance. And I thought - maybe this is TOO bohemian for me. Well, then I tried on my first paddy, and I had paddy fever like mad. It was far more chic and unique than I had ever given it credit for. I find that pictures just do not do Chloe bags justice- and they always make an outfit stand out!
  13. Ditto to all, and I agree with effortless chic and casual, yet sexy. My SA used to show me Chloe, and I just wasn't interested, thought it too casual, I was into MJ, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, etc., but, something happened, I'm now completely loving the Chloe bags. I particularly like the Betty style, there is just something chic about that bag, there is no other look like it. I have the large Dove grey, and a black patent tote. I seem to like all those pockets, with Chloe, there seems to be a style for everyone.......Chloe allows one to express their individual style and make a statement.
  14. :yes:

    I have a conservative look. Marc Jacobs, Dior...

    I worry it's too bohemian (I started a different thread about it).

    I love it because it's so close to something I would design in my dreamed-of handbag line of hip, trendy IT bags. (But nothing else by Chloe' is the same!) (My "main" line would be classics and logo bags. The nice thing, I think, is that one of them isn't a lower pricepoint, equally quality but different. Le dreaming sigh..)

  15. totally agreed. :yes: Before I saw the paddington, I was more into Chanel/Louis vuitton. But the images of these brands are more "rigid", not as flixible as Chloe's style.