How would you descibe this bag?

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  1. Hi I know this is a Burberry. But, that forum does not have alot of action and I want to call the 800# and find this bag tonight. I know what collection it is in but do not know how to describe it to someone properly over the phone. Shopper? tote? Choclate color? small? medium? the demensions are *about* 10 inches high by 12 wide -- I don't know in handbag world if that is considered "small" or "medium". Thanks I am new to buying designer bags!

    Please check pics thanks! :drool:
    CIMG5136.jpg CIMG5138.jpg
  2. it looks really gorgeous!

    i'd say a bowling bag shape, satchel, medium sized?
  3. oooo i don't normally like burberry bags but that one is way cute.

    def chocolate bowler satchel medium :smile:
  4. medium bowler
  5. Closing this as you posted it twice and we don't allow that, also, as you know since you mentioned it, it belongs in Burberry.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.