How would you decorate your sabrina?

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  1. I have black signature sabrina with silver hardware.Everyone knows that it has three hangtags.Do you need to decorate it?Sometimes I think it needs some color.Sometimes I feel like its gonna be too busy then with hangtags and other hardware.So if you choose to decorate what will look good on it.If its a key fob,where does it go?Does it go with hangtags or the other side of the handle.I was thinking about buying blue peace key fob.Should I get a scarf for it?What would you do if you have black signature sabrina?
  2. I have a black leather Audrey, and I like to put a fob on the loop opposite the hangtags.
  3. so if I put fob which one is gonna look good blue sparkly peace or coach signature multi color jeweled fob.
  4. If you own any ponytail scarves I think that would look great tied on a Sabrina. I personally wouldn't add anymore fobs or charms to the Sabrina unless you take off the hangtags. I just think it looks too busy.
  5. that sounds like a good idea.
  6. I personally love Fobs. I think they look cute on The Sabrina. I have the heart legacy lip gloss fob on mine.
  7. so where do you put it ,with hangtags or in the other loop of the handle.
  8. I use the legacy lipgloss fob on my large cherry sabrina. I hang it off of the ballchain of the longest hangtag.
  9. yeah I can try doing that with longest chain.What do you think about studded peace sign fob in blue on black sabrina?
  10. Here is how I have mine.:yahoo:

  11. That looks awesome.

  12. Thank you! :tender:
  13. I love that charm so much I have two of them! Nice add!
  14. Your sabriba looks great with this charm on it.When did you buy that because I don't see it anymore.
  15. It looks perfect on a bag with gold(brass) hardware.