How would you decorate a Court Bag?

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  1. I have a vintage mahogany court bag, love it. I use a simple key fob with brass/gold hardware.
  2. add a ponytail scarf &/or keyfob! both are perfect for decorating bags :smile:
  3. A tassel would look really cute.
  4. I don't decorate my bags with anything...i like them as they are! Although i did buy 3 Legacy bags and love the tassels!!
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    I think the beauty is in its simplicy. Other than a key fob, I would keep it simple, because that is the bag. It's a smaller bag. I don't know if a tassel would look right. I have the court bag in British tan and love it as it is.
  6. I bet you're right...the tassel might look funny on it....but it is beautiful all on its own imo!
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    Thanks, everyone. Please keep the suggestions coming.

    I kind of agree with this, except that I already have a basic bag in mahogany and an archival rambler on the way (carnelian), so the court bag might be redundant if the rambler works out (if quality is satisfactory).

    I have a vachetta hangtag and a brass hangtag I could put on it, or a little gold flower charm which sounds stupid but might be cute (?). I have cognac tassles and if I keep the rambler I'll have carnelian tassles. It could be nice to make it a colorblock bag somehow, maybe a camel FNO kit if that works, but that raises the price. A scarf could be cute too, but I wouldn't want to clean it. Some lock charms maybe? I liked the pave locks keyfob.... Maybe my blue bear.... I don't know.... Maybe a single brass padlock charm? Michaels had a bunch to choose from. I kind of wanted the decoration to hang from the handle rather than the strap. Don't know.....

    Do you ladies like the bag? I thought it was stuffy at first (probably the name) but it's growing on me and I get so much use out of my mahogany basic (boring) bag. ;) It would be nice to have a mahogany bag that's a little deeper and more interesting than the basic bag.
  8. I love the bag! I've been looking at it, the stewardess and the rambler....I'm leaning towards the stewardess.... but think all of them are classic and will never go out of style!
  9. I agree about keeping it simple. This is such a classic bag and its beautiful in its simplicity. What's weird is that I have lots of accessories but find myself using them less and less with my bags.

    I think a gold Coach metal hangtag paired with the leather hangtag would look great!
  10. The Rambler is different, because of the leather and the hardware (?). (Don't know about the color of it with carnelian). It doesn't have the top handle and it has that extra zipper and tassel, so it can also go sporty. Somehow, I still think you should keep it to a key fob or an additional tag. I think this is meant to be minimalist. I have seen it worn by dozens of women--young and old. Worn with jeans or suits. But always very simply. You can always experiment on your own. Sometimes you won't know until you try it. I don't have any charms or I would try it out for you and snap a pic. The handle is close to the top flap, anyway.
  11. Ooh, that could be cute. On the side.
  12. Thanks for the perspective. It's growing on me. In mahogany, the brass hardware shows up a lot.
  13. I think the beauty of the vintage styles is in their simplicity, and letting the leather shine. I wouldn't put anything on them at all. I think fobs, scarves, etc. actually detract from their beauty.
  14. The only thing I've experimented with on my classic bags is putting a legacy stripe heart fob but they really don't need anything.