How would you accessorize this dress?

  1. I have this Nicole Miller cocktail dress - the color I have is like a dark green / slightly metallic but it is the same exact style as the one below (and the color even looks similiar). What shoes would you wear it with? I bought a pair of low heeled sandals in a similar green but I really don't like matching shoes exactly with a dress. I wore it with those sandals because I did not know what else would work. I didn't wear it with jewelry - except wedding rings and I skipped the handbag. Any ideas? I am thinking of wearing it to a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner I have on March 30. I'd really like to use a handbag! And nice shoes would be great :smile:
  2. Gold or bronze shoes in a style you are comfortable in.
  3. Gold jewelry would look amazing with it! :smile: You could also have gold shoes or maybe even black shoes, depending on the color
  4. GO GOLD!!!! IT would look great!!! If you want a darker metallic go bronze...its a win win.
  5. gold or bronze shoes would be great, and with cuff bracelet. In terms of handbag, I'd go with a clutch over a shoulder bag.

    Or, if you don't have any other accessories, try red satin strappy (but dainty) sandals for that extra "pop", I've tried that with a similar color/style dress as well, and got lots of compliments...

    p.s. your dress is gorgeous!
  6. i would wear strappy gold shoes. the dress is gorgeous and it speaks for itself so i would keep the shoes simple but nice.

    only jewelry i would wear with it is earrings.
  7. I'd wear gold strappy shoes..and a simple and thin gold bracelet.
  8. Would this work for the shoe?

    They are Stuart Weitzman and they come in wide which means I can walk in them! I think the color is what you all suggested but I'm not sure about the heal fabric? This is the link

    And thanks for the compliments on the dress! It is my favorite "evening/ cocktail dress" that I've ever owned :smile:
  9. ^ i would say no. i would go for a skinny heel with that dress and not a wedge (especially a fabric wedge...that's more casual IMO).
  10. Something like this?
    These also come in wide. I have wide ankles/ calves so I usually aviod thin heels but I think I see what you mean - these would look better with the dress.
  11. And these - same brand and width. Although I prefer heels I don't like the way I look in thin heels so these might be better?
  12. i like the heels better. :smile:

    btw the dress is soo pretty i doubt ppl will be looking at your calves & ankles. ;)
  13. I like the heels better too! Thanks for the help - I am going to get them.
  14. Np! Post pics when you get the heels. I want to see the outfit together.
  15. Ok, I will! And thanks again!