How would you accessorize this dress?

  1. I recently got this dress (from La Redoute) and I think it's kind of cute, so I have been thinking I might wear it to a party some time soon.

    However, I have a really hard time figuring out how I will accessorize it. I want to keep the accessories kind of simple, since the dress is patterned (well, lace actually, but patterned lace), but a black clutch & black shoes and very simple jewelry seems kind of boring too.

    How would you guys accessorize it?
  2. Well, could either red shoes and clutch or white shoes and clutch look okay? Maybe no necklace and diamond earrings? Or is that tacky?
  3. i agree with dmitchell that no necklace would probably look best if you paired the dress with dramatic earrings and maybe a cool bracelet (i'm thinking diamonds but anything blingy )

    as for shoes since the dress is black i think you could definitely do red and a red clutch, but either gold or silver would work really well too-i'd personally go for silver with a cool silver clutch which would complement white gold jewelry

    even if you go black i go for something like this




    hmmm something like that.....not sure maybe i'm crazy

    and then maybe for earrings:

  4. I'm so conservative so feel free to disregard LOL! I think this would be pretty with black tights, green/burgundy/black as a last option shoes, peep toe would be cute as well. I'd just wear my usual ho-hum jewelry, watch on one arm, bangles on the other, and my diamond cross, diamond studs. A pretty clutch that goes with the shoes....
  5. I would get some super cute PURPLE platform pumps (maybe even patent) and a longer necklace. No crazy earrings, just studs or something. Nice watch and some kind of cute clutch

    Perhaps something champagne coloured like this Judith Leiber?


    And if you aren't into purple thessee-

  6. red shoes, red or slilver clutch, and gorgeous silver earrings.
  7. I like the idea of red shoes and a red clutch. That means I have to go shopping though, since I dont own any (suitable) red shoes or a red clutch at the moment. But those might be useful purchases anyway, so I will definately consider it!

    I was thinking no necklace and diamond earrings myself as well. But somehow, the cleavage seems kind of dull without a necklace IMO. So I am still not sure what I will do about that.
  8. I actually own a pair of really pretty silver shoes (kind of like the ones in the picture you posted) and some nice silver clutches, so this is an idea that doesn't require a lot of shopping for me. And complementing that with white gold (or silver) jewelry is a nice idea too. Maybe thats what I will do!

    Still not sure about the whole necklace-business though.
  9. I would not do a necklce - the cut of the neckline really doesn't work. I think a pearl drop earring would look really lovely, pearl bracelet and black pumps.

    I also agree with the red suggestions above.
  10. Purple could work too. Havent seen very many purple shoes or bags around in the stores lately though, but I will look around.
  11. You might be right about the necklace. I keep thinking I want to wear a necklace, but I honestly cant think of any kind of necklace that would work. Maybe there is a reason for that? :smile:

    You've all given me some great ideas, thanks a lot! :idea:
  12. I agree with couturequeen. Definately a pearl drop earring and black pumps. I would not do a pearl bracelet though. No matter what you choose I am sure you will look stunning as the dress is absolutely TDF!!!:party:
  13. Your dress is gorgeous!

    Do you think a lace clutch would be too much?


    Etsy :: Elegant Clutch Denim and Lace Handbag


    I like the idea of a silver clutch and shoes to go with your beautiful dress. But then red also appeals. As does purple ... :smile:
  14. To make it more modern I would wear patent heels (dark lilac looks good) and a patent clutch in the same colour. Keep the jewellery to a minimal.. maybe only a coctail ring and tiny earrings?
  15. I think the red or the silver would look great. I would wear the silver myself...dress is very pretty btw