How would you accessorize this dress?

  1. [​IMG]
    Carmen Marc Valvo*-* Pleated Dress*-* Neiman Marcus

    Part of me is thinking of some white, chunky jewelry, and part of me is thinking that it speaks for itself and to go with just simple earrings.

    Any thoughts on what to do for accessories?
  2. It depends on where you are going, but me personally, I would wear peal jewelry.
  3. Nothing over the top, subtle would go best.

    I agree with dmitchell15, pearls would look great!
  4. how about gold kitsch necklace? i think it would give the dress a more "relaxed" look.
  5. black shoes like the model and pearls!!!!
  6. I wouldn't accessorize this dress too much. I would most definately put a pair of hot black patent leather heels, hair pulled back like the model and chandelier earrings with this dress.
  7. I say pearls also
  8. a nice long Y necklace