How would you accessorize a picotin? (+ new Kelly key holder question)

  1. I went to the boutique today for a key holder of some kind for my GM clemence potiron picotin. My keys flail in the bucket shape. SA showed me the new Kelly key holder - I can't find pictures anywhere. Basically, It kind of looks like a larger, more angular clochette, with a thicker strap that goes around a handle, and ties with the Kelly closure. It isn't the most *practical* key holder - but I love the look!

    She only had orange potiron in chevre mysore (which is not an exact match to the potiron - very similar, just a tad lighter), which is obviously a different texture. The oranges looked fine together - not a clash at all (more like variations on a theme).

    However, SA said she would try to see if she could get other colours, e.g. raisin or vert anis.

    WWYD: part of me is tempted to get colourful - but part of me thinks I should go with potiron. This key holder would really be *just* for my picotin. Should I think "rainbow" for *inside* the potiron? (I am a neutrals person - not very bold with colours... the picotin *is* my "pop" of colour, so a kind of key clochette in another bold colour might be too bold.)

    Is it too matchy-matchy? How do you accessorize your picotin?

    I'm thinking if I go for boring old potiron, I could still get colourful with a twilly?

    Thoughts - and PHOTOS of your accessorized picotins - most welcome!
  2. Accessorizing a Picotin ~ I've seen the cute animal, fruit and other leather key chains and twilly/pouchettes for the outside.

    Inside your Picotin ~ I too am a neutrals person but the inside of my bags are a riot of color (ie, rainbow). It is such fun to look inside a bag and see a mix of bright colors. Potiron could be the beginning of a rainbow or you could wait for another color of your choice. Go with the color which makes your heart sign. SAs can get them from other stores.
  3. If the key holder is just for your Picotin and not for other use then I would be tempted to get the exact same leather and colour as your Picotin in the Kelly holder so that it was a perfect match and consider it part of the Picotin. The same look as the 'label' or whatever it is that dangles off the Victoria. Matchy-matchy wouldn't bother me in this case at all.

    Variation in the same colour through a different leather would always bug me slightly I think and I am very neutral too so I wouldn't consider a contrasting colour or something that would show on the outside. For inside accessories like wallets, then any colour you love.

    Or instead of a matching leather keyring, I might consider a silver keyring - it matches the small amount of hardware on the Picotin so it would look fine.

    I accessorise my Picotin with my silver dancing horse on a chain and sometimes with a pochette scarf used as a cover to hide the contents of my Picotin.
  4. Oh, I agree.....matching key holder would be lovely here.....and then you can have free reign to go all out with color in twilly's and pochettes to brighten things up and have a little "fun".
  5. piaffe, I agree w/ the matched look as well. :smile:
  6. Piaffe here are some ways that I dress up my Picotins. I hope this helps. Please post a pic of what you decide to dress her up with.:heart:
    Black Picotin #1.JPG Black Picotin #2.jpg Black Picotin #3.jpg Brown Picotin #1.JPG Brown Picotin #2.jpg
  7. ^Such lovely ideas, thank you for sharing Amamxr
  8. You are welcome Nola:heart:
  9. Thanks for this link - that's it exactly!
  10. amamxr - thanks for the great ideas!

    And thank you all, ladies, for your comments. I think I do want a match, rather than a whole new colour. I will, however, save the "riot" of colour for the inside (I covet a rainbow of my own!).

    THANKS! Your guidance is very appreciated!
  11. Here's a pic of mine...
    I also hang my tiger keychain on my picotin but usually I just accessorize with different pocket squares. :tup:
    I think the complementary oranges would be pretty!
  12. Piaffe, I'm totally jonesing for one of those Kelly keychains too. At least once a week I put my keys down somewhere and lose them. I love the idea that I can either attach them to my bag or to my wrist. I think it would look adorable on your new Picotin.

    Like you, CB, I usually just use pocket squares with mine to keep the contents covered and give a little color.
  13. Ohhh! These pics have me drooling. I have been pining for a picotin and now I know that I must have one!!! I have put the picotin pic's on my computer screen (computer sits in the dining room) so that I can see it to inspire me. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos!
  14. I went back today and am convinced that the potiron mysore is the one I would get for that bag - but then I got distracted by a vert anis dogon clemence wallet (for inside) and a fantaisies indiennes scarf (in soft greens with orange and fushia - it would look fab on me while wearing the picotin - so, a "cross-accessorization", if you will) and could not decide what to do!!

    I have to think about it and make a decision - can't do all 3 right now.

    *sigh* - decisions, decisions...