How would these look together?

  1. hmd133black.jpg


    And what color bag should I carry?
    (red, Black, white?)
    I was thinking red, let me know what you all think. thanks
  2. I like sexy sandals with the dress. Small handbag, pretty much any color :yes:
  3. The shoes and the dress would look great together. A red bag might be a bit too much red though and would compete with the shoes. I'd go for a black bag.
  4. I would go with a black clutch =D
  5. I think they will look beautiful together. I love the shoes.
  6. Black bag all the way. :smile: Super sexy!
  7. LOVE the dress and shoes!!!

    I would choose a black or white bag. I like to wear red shoes OR carry a red bag--I think it's more striking in moderation. (Just my opinion.)
  8. A black clutch for sure.
  9. Lovely!!!:love:
    The red shoes are just perfect with that dress, i personally would go for either a white or a plain black clutch (or small handbag) to off-set the shoes.
    But...i also think if you want to be really striking you could get away with a red bag, but those beautiful shoes wouldn't get quite so much attention!:smile:
  10. Aww.. Balmoral shoes ! I love the polka dot print dress as well, it looks so 40s glam !
  11. Gorgeous shoes!! I agree with a black clutch would go nicely with the outfit!!
  12. thats all I will look or a white or black purse. When I find some I will probebly be back for your thoughts
  13. Definitely a black bag. I think the red shoes should be the accent and the focus of attention!
  14. Think the black satin would really accent the ensemble very nicely!
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