How would I go about.....

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  1. listing a merchandise credit on Ebay..... or is a bad idea? It's for Coach, and I really dont see anything I would like and would love to have the extra cash, but don't know how successful these transactions are..... any advise?
  2. I do see these on Ebay, and they always seem to sell. There are also tons of gift cards/certificates for sale too.

  3. you may want to hold on to the coach credit and use it during their traditional labor day or columbus day sale.

    there's a ton of good deals already at their outlets. even if you don't intend to keep the coach i'm sure you can buy a bargain and sell it on ebay.
  4. I really won't have a chance to go to the outlets, I'm in the process of moving and totally out of the budget lol

    But for posting the MC, I should post a picture of the receipt saying how much is on it right?
  5. OT:: where are you moving to??

    I think your MC will sell. I have seen people post the gift card with the receipt. Good Luck Selling!