How worried should I be?

  1. Hi folks, I purchased a bag on eBay that was authenticated in the forum for it, and it was mentioned the seller is reputable. I BIN and paid immeditaely with Paypal on Dec. 30. I usually use credit card, but because I was told the seller is OK, I used my bank account. It is an expensive bag (1000.00+)

    As of today, I have not received any messages from the seller. I sent them a nice message yesterday, have not heard anything back. I know the holidays may screw up the timeline of the auctions going on. Should I be worried yet, and when should I send another message without seeming neurotic? Any suggestions if there is anything else I should do?
  2. Send another message. Nicely tell them you are concerned and you are going to wait 24 hours and if you haven't heard back you will file a paypal dispute.
  3. You might tell the seller that if they won't respond to your email, you will get their contact information and call them ( which means they will also get yours though). If you find out that their phone number is not valid, you have another legal reason to file a complaint since not keeping an accurate up-to-date Contact Info is an eBay violation.
  4. Yeah...if it was a $100 item I'd say to just wait it out a few days, but $1000 is quite a different matter! I know that if someone just dropped $1000 on a bag I was selling, I'd respond promtly to reassure them that the payment had been received and to give them a mailing date.
  5. Thanks for the advice folks, but I'm thinking all will be well soon. Seller responded quickly to todays message and apologised, she was out of town and just got back today. Will ship it out tomorrow. All's well that ends well, hopefully.
  6. I am glad to hear the seller responded. But in the future, no matter who says the seller is ok, I would only pay by credit card. It doesn't cost the seller anything and you are protected.
  7. -This is true. I take 20 lashes with a wet noodle! :p