How will these bags look rolling through the airport?

  1. How will Monocanvas Pegase60 look when I am rolling it thru the airport with the DamierChelsea as a second piece?
    I could add the Sac Bosphore to my collection for a match?
    Pictures here.

    Sometimes there is discussion on this forum that too much mono, well, is too much mono.
    But is this not so good looking? or maybe it won't be functional since the Chelsea is not made to hang on the trolly of the pegase? The Sac Bosphore is designed for the pegase.
    Maybe I am obsessing?:shrugs:

    Going JFK to Frankfurt.

  2. Peg and Chels look HOT together in that pic :smile:
  3. I think they look fine together but you may still want to hold on to your Damier Chelsea on your shoulder incase it falls off your Pegasus. I love the Chelsea! I've always wanted that bag!!!
  4. Looks like a hot combo and if I see you with that gorgy set of LV luggages, I'll be following you into the airport. :graucho::p
  5. Sac Bosphore has a sleeve for rolling suitcases.

  6. :yes: :yes: chelsea too..
  7. looks soo nice!
  8. They look great together!
  9. adorable!
  10. I agree... it would look HOT!!!! :drool:
  11. looking good
  12. It looks great -- however it makes me SAD that I don't have my luggage piece :sad:
  13. It looks great! Have a safe trip!
  14. I love the combo. Have fun in frankfurt. Its a great city.
  15. what its gonna look like, is that you know how to travel. the bosophore will give you easy access to plane tix and ids and the such.