How will the pandemic change your H wishlist/shopping?

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  1. I was revisiting my budget and shopping list today and made a number of changes due to the pandemic. I am working from home for a long time but still love beautiful things. I am lucky to be able to still be shopping frankly Even though we are largely locked down with a new appreciation for non material pleasures I still love beautiful objects. I have basically stopped stopping for anything but food/household supplies and some H. But still some changes to my H purchases. No more silk scarves for me (or so I say because I still love them), the shawls work better for my more casual lifestyle and are great when I work from home basic in t shirts and leggings. I am not taking public transit to the office anymore so I can be more open to tote bags than I was before. I still love bags with a crossbody option but since I will be driving and not going very far, I have more options. I need less bags through since I am not going many places. In my world there will be no more formal or very dressy occasions so no need for a clutch or super formal bags. I also still love H but don’t want to linger in the store so I am going to be shopping from pre-made lists (I have an exceptional SA that I correspond with regularly so this is possible) and only going in if the items I want are there and on hold for me. I have also been turning to H for smaller and less expensive gifts for friends and family having special occasions due to the exceptional shipping, packaging etc during this time so buying things from categories I normally would not (books, lipstick etc) for these occasions. Just curious how the pandemic is changing your H plans? Most importantly hoping you are all well and safe... but still curious because your H posts give me a lift!
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  2. I think many of us are on the same page you are.
    Our lifestyles have changed for the most part so the look & feel of casual attire seems right at this time.
    Since many cultural events (museums, concerts, Broadway shows) won't be opening perhaps til September
    we will all figure out what our needs might be by then & we can all go shopping in our own closets for the
    right outfits.
    For many of us we have a nice collection of H bags that work in our lives as well as scarves & other accessories.
    I'm with you as far as wearing my cashmere shawls as they seem to be more comforting.
    At the moment the furthest thing from my mind is going into a store. I do have an item that I am waiting for & when my SA reaches out that it has arrived, I'll decide what to do.
    With so many people out of work & hearing every day about kids & families going without food, it doesn't feel
    right for me to be thinking about a purchase when I would rather be donating to help feed people that are hungry.
    I'm hoping for a vaccine, no spike in cases, front line workers to get a reprieve & for all to be safe & healthy.
    I support H for all the support they have given their staff throughout this pandemic
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  3. Last week I learned that I will also be working from home for the rest of the year at least, so I have basically now scratched all fashion accessories such as belts, scarfs, (fashion) jewelry off my shopping list for this year as I hardly get to wear the few pieces I own. Eating out will probably occur less than usual if we have to continue wearing masks (restaurants have opened again where I am located), so there will be very few occasions to dress up. Same goes for RTW - I had started purchasing my first knitwear pieces and had asked my SA for a particular pair of leather shorts, a denim dress and a leather jacket, but considering that I mainly wear a shirt and comfortable high waist slacks every day when working from home, I have decided to completely cut back on any clothing purchases except for missing basics which I don't necessarily need from a designer brand. I have just purchased a necklace that I had ordered few months back and might be ordering the matching ring which will take at least half a year to arrive so I might have it in time when going to the office will be allowed again, but other than that I will be sticking to some more comfy H sandals and sneakers, if at all. I also revised my bags wishlist with my SA (including my BKC wishlist) and we have basically cut it down to 2 models instead of 6 non-BKCs that I had gravitated towards. She mentioned that it would be unlikely to get another BKC this year due to the backlog in production and honestly, I am fine with that. I am hardly wearing my Bs and Ks (actually not at all) and wouldn't know what to do with another one as I gravitate towards less expensive and more easy to handle bags at this point. I will of course not decline it if my wishlist item shows up in 2020. So overall, I am happy with what I have and am not planning to do any major purchases, but may cheer myself up with a practical shoes purchase if I feel like doing so.
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  4. I haven’t made any specific changes but I haven’t really bought anything, either. I tend to keep my collection (relatively!) small so generally I’m buying and selling and now not doing much of either because the stores are still closed. I have my SA looking for a few things for me. Sometimes I dress up at home but have spent a portion of this time caring for one kid who has had two surgeries (he will be fine). Regardless I go pick up dinner every night and I always get dressed and stay dressed for dinner - jewelry, makeup, scarf as I would if we were going out. So I’m still wearing what I have and that makes me feel good and a little normal. So my wishlist is basically the same, just not doing much about it for now.
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  5. Glad to know that your child is on the mend.
    I do agree it is important for us gals & the gents as well to take care of ourselves.
    Wearing lipstick, fragrance, playing or getting dressed up, etc makes us feel good.
    Having a "date night" with your hubby or significant other is a nice thing to do as well as doing something
    unexpected in our homes for the kids.
  6. I’m going to limit to one scarf...(maybe two ) per season. I’m still waiting for my SO to come so I don’t think I’m going to add any BKC to my collection. I might make an exception if it is malachite but even that I might not actively really look or ask for one. I’m somewhat bag content. The ones that I still have on my wishlist that I really want are mini K, k pochette or k cut. Those are so hard to get and I know my spending is not up there. Quite frankly, I’m okay with not having them either.

    Due to the pandemic, like everyone else, I have not been really using any of my bags...not even my garden party. I’ve been just using my trusted speedy 30. When things going back to more normal, I might be comfortable enough to the newly acquired c18 that I got right before the pandemic hit. Sadly as much as I appreciate Birkin and Kelly, I just don’t really use them.
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  7. This is a thoughtful thread with thoughtful responses. I'm looking forward to what everyone has to say on this topic. Thank you for starting it @CMilly!

    My "non-bag wishlist" is currently lipsticks. I had no urge to purchase anything else during the store closure and that was the only thing I asked for once it opened up. I got a scarf for my Mom and recently was able to pick up one that had been in the store waiting for me for a couple months. I think my local store will open back up sometime in June and then we'll see what catches my eye. It's difficult to find anything to be excited about when you're shopping remotely. I am still excited for bag offers though, because there is not much else to look forward to!

    I have been selling some bags that I thought I would never list, simply because I realized they are not fit for my lifestyle, pandemic or not. I'm getting a lot of satisfaction from selling, but it's nice to have one in one out and I'm preparing for future offers! Continuously honing the collection to be a small number of bags that I love and will use regularly (once we're allowed out).
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  8. Notorious Pink - I hope your child has a good recovery and is ok. Also very impressed you are getting dressed up daily!

    These responses are very thoughtful. My store is re-opening with restrictions so it’s good for thought. I actually have no desire to go out to a store but I also know that if I can I should be supporting my SA as they re-open. I have been also rebuilding my wardrobe due to life changes so there are still some holes to fill if opportunity arises (though less given the pandemic).
  9. Right before the stay at home order I put in quite a list of items, mostly bags, as my wishlist and was hoping to get them all in 2020. Although I’m still putting in my regular hours, I don’t see the need to get as many bags anymore due to the lack of social life, not that I’m a social butterfly before this anyway.

    I wouldn’t mind just getting one quota bag and definitely will stick with shoulder/crossbody bags for now because the idea of putting my bags down in this uncertain time freaks me out. Definitely no bag charms, accessories, etc...

    What I need to do though is to declutter my closet. I can put that money to good use like the stock market than having them sit there.
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  10. @CMilly what a great idea for a thread, and some great responses.

    @Notorious Pink I’m so glad to hear your son is on the mend from his surgeries. My mom had the same detachment and her recovery has had no lasting after effects so I’m hopeful he has the same. (I’m also high risk for the condition due to my Rx so I’m always cautious and vigilant).

    My SAs are back at work, and while I have a few minor wish list items I want to get, I’ve been waiting anxiously for a quota bag for a few months now. I’d been hoping to get one (way overdue by quota) in March before things went apeshit. And now I’m eager to get one while I can, but also wouldn’t mind waiting for a bit if I knew I’d get it in a few weeks//months. But that is a game in which I’m only a lowly participant.

    I’m about this || close to just bailing on the game and getting another pico or actually a C WOC - am I crazy? I want a K28 or K25 in a bright fun colour and a pico just doesn’t have the same effect - it’s too “weekend market run” for my needs. I need something a bit more tailored. Hence a WOC not be a better stopgap till my elusive Kelly shows up, if ever.

    first world problems, but I’ve been going to work, I’m optimistic and want to get a bag before the inevitable price hikes.
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  11. I heard that production is back so don’t give up and I hope you’ll get your dream bag soon! I would like to get a bag for the second half of the year quota too but thinking of getting a grey bag. I do like reds and pinks but wonder if it’s sorta ‘appropriate’ for the current mood now. Light colored bags are out too as I need to be able to wipe my bags down if necessary.

    A kelly or Constance wallet to go will be more suitable for supermarket groceries run I think. I can’t really use my picotin with 2 hands full of groceries bags and even if I lug my trolley along, I really want to be hands free while marketing.
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  12. I use shoulder sling bags more now although prior to covid I prefer birkins more. I’ve not worn my rings or bracelets for a long time due to the frequent need to wash or sanitize my hands. I like bags with bottom studs too so I can just wipe the bottom studs when I get home with disinfectant wipes. So far thankfully no sagging has happened to my Togo and Clemence bags at the bottom so the studs are still fully supporting the base of the bags.
  13. Thanks for starting this thread. @Notorious Pink Glad to hear that your son is recovering. Must be stressful for you in the past couple of months. As for me, I'm told to work from home til September so no sure what it is like when things start to reopen. Must say that after staying home for three months, my urge to use bags have come down given the amount of work that I'll need to do if I go out. I would like love to have a Kelly 25 in Sellier and a mini Lindy before year end but not in a hurry. Based on the responses here, it sounds like H business on every segment may be slow for a while until global health improve. No scarf or accessories for me as well.
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  14. Hmmm I've thought about this quite a bit over the last several weeks. My business is at a complete standstill for the foreseeable future... since I don't have a dual income household and its just me with my little ones I don't think I will spend or buy at all for a while. My SA has indicated I can send a list but I don't think i will even though there are things I would love. Sigh it actually makes me sad but I know my family is safe and well and thats what matters.
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  15. My H shopping list/ wish list has remained the same. Just as before the pandemic, I still hope to be able to receive a Birkin or Kelly to fulfill this current semester’s quota bag purchase, but I’m sure the chances are extremely slime since the stores in each of my residential states are still closed. Overall, the pandemic hasn’t affected any of my views on high end fashion purchasing. I actually took major advantage of all the designer sales and thought of it as stimulating the economy and helping my SAs with commission.
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