How will the black denim fare in nasty weather?

  1. I'm in the Midwest and already thinking about the nasty sleet and snow that lie ahead.

    How do you think that the black denim (I'm going black Neo Cabby) will do in yucky weather?
    Will the color be likely to transfer and such?

    I'm not going to set in down in snow drifts or anything, but it will catch some flurries when I'm running from shop to shop, etc.

  2. Oh that is a good question. I'm drooling over the black neo cabby myself and I get a bit of snow and LOTS of rain in the winter where I live.
  3. the book, it says it's water repellent or treated....something like that. I'd ask your SA. I think it'd be OK. I got caught in the rain with my denim speedy and it was fine.....I just covered my handles with my shirt and ran like hell!!!
  4. Hmmm no idea its a good question. I dont carry any LV in bad weather I then use my indestructable Botkier:p
  5. There's no vachetta on the black neo cabby so no problem there. I think it'll be ok. You are gonna love the bag!
  6. great question cuz I was wondering this myself. I'm more concern about the denim itself rather than the straps. Will the denim smell after it's gotten wet from the rain?
  7. The bag is treated for water. Based on my conversation with the SA when I bought it I assume if you get caught outside in some persipiation it will be fine. I wouldn't take it out of you know a downpour is a possibility.
    The only thing I think is really suited for really bad weather is nylon or microfiber
  8. Thanks, all!

    I'll confirm with my SA when I hit the store :heart:
    (I'm so excited about this one that I'm actually going to the shop!)
  9. I'm curious too, especially if you get caught in a rainstorm?!!!! Guess we'll find out from someone soon !!