How will I handle this?

  1. I have paid a vintage burberry bag on 07/30/07 to a UK seller. up to this time I did not receive the bag yet. I usually receive packages between 7-10 days from UK. it takes so long for this bag to arrive. seller insisted that she sent it. she sent me a tracking no. (royal airmail) how can I check and track that? please help. I escalated the dispute tru paypal and im afraid that paypal will side her if she has the proof of shipping.

    The problem with this seller is that she so irresponsible for me. she never informed me when she sent the item. she never replied to my mails until i open a dispute tru paypal.

    please help!
  2. I am confused, I thought you were banned from eBay? Is this an eBay transaction or another?

    International parcels can take upto 4-6 weeks. Most receive around 2 weeks. Did you pay for insurance?
  4. hmmm.... :confused1:
  5. yes, but i was only suspended after I paid her that's why I am also afraid that she will use my suspension against me.
  6. So, is there a possibility I will be receiving the item? coz for the other items I paid from UK seller it only took about a week for me to receive them. I did not pay no insurance as the seller did not offer it. I used to buy so many bags from UK, never get insurance at all. They usually charge me between 4-6 pounds, small packet only. But this seller charged me 8pounds for a small bag only. I assume that insurance will be included. =0)
  7. Have you tried tracking on the royal mail site inputting the tracking details as it really depends on what she mail services she paid for. Some are only trackable within the UK and cannot be tracked in the destination country, It is possible that it would also carry a small amount of insurance for approx $70, in the UK. However, if you have escalated to a dispute with paypal l doubt if she will be able to correspond directly with you. As others have mentioned it may well be stuck in your Customs
  8. When it comes to Ebay never assume anything. Unless she has proof of it being delivered then I don't see why you would have a problem. Your Ebay suspension shouldn't matter unless it was for something similiar.
  9. I hope to receive it, this is the first item I had a problem from a UK seller. I bought tons of items in the past and never had any problem at all.
  10. You can actually track on the US side as well if she has used International Signed for.

    After you check royal mail to see that it has arrived in the US for example you can then track through Its a great way now - i only stumbled on it a number of months ago
  11. Just an update... Seller refunded me already but I'm really so mad at her. she played around and waste my time. i was upset because she made me look stupid by waiting for nothing. waiting for the package everyday. She gave me a fake tracking number... she even had the guts to give it to paypal... i found out today while browsing on that she created a new account and then trying to sell the bag she claimed she sent already! how silly this seller is.... she is a powerseller too, how can she do things like that. fooling buyers... just to upset... i hope she will be banned. these are the sellers that should be suspended and not the ones who are selling in a clean way. Actually, I wanted to send her nasty emails like what she did to me before (she was insisting that she sent the bag and putting all the blame on me as my ebay ID was suspended.. yada yada yada) she is so foolish! BUT i just chose to release this ugly feeling tru posting message here...:mad::mad: