How Will I Ever Be Able To THANK YOU!!!!!

  1. I dont even know how or where to begin this thank you! Your kind words and contributions since the loss of my bag collection is beyond any words I could ever have. Ladies I am in awe over you generosity and thoughtfulness. Please let me start by thanking each and everyone of you personally, in no certain order:
    sunshine.......for my georgeous Madeline!
    cocogirl and superstar........An outrageous Coach gift card! Not sure if you'd like me to share how much?:sweatdrop:(Im dying to go shopping now!!!)
    ZANDZ......Donated two beautiful and brand new bags. Her Coach Blue siggy stripe tote and her black leather legacy demi!
    Jill.......a precious black mini sig. change purse/keyfob!
    Nycmom.....the coach heart breast cancer fob. Haning on my bag in memory of the recent loss of my best friend Carolyn.
    And of course all of my Mod friends, Vlad, Megs, Ayla, Jag, Cristina, Roo, Selena, Hbag, and Kellybag......for my awsome Large khaki/black Carly!!
    I never realized by joining this wonderful forum a couple years back that it would be more than just that, a purse forum. But I have made the most wonderful friends and acquaintences here. You have all my my dream of collecting again come true. I owe it to every single one of you. You are an amazing group and I will forever remember you and your beautiful hearts!!
    Again ladies and "gent"THANK YOU SWEETIES!!!!!!!:crybaby:
  2. This is making me tear up. That is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fabulous group we have here.
  3. Ah that is so thoughtful. You have made some great friends.....
  4. oh my gosh this is the sweetest thing ever, to all of you who did that you are some amazing, thoughtful people!:yes:
  5. That is thoughtful and outstanding! What wonderful friends you have made here! I heard about a lady who works at Coach outlet where I live, she bought a nice sized collection and somebody broke in her house and stole them all. How terrible & evil. Is that what happened to your collection?

  6. Unfortunately they were thrown away. Here is my thread if you'd like to read it.
  7. Wow.. that is impressive!! Seems to like you already have a wonderful collection already!!
  8. This is truly heartwarming, kimmie!! You gave me the warm fuzzies. ;)
  9. You're Welcome!!! :heart: :woohoo:
  10. That is absolutely wonderful! What sweet people there are on TPF!
  11. Well, now that the collection is being rebuilt...PICS PICS!!
  12. awww, so sweet!

  13. That's what friends are for Kimmie :heart: We're here to cheer you up and give you encouragment!

  14. OMG when I read it I just couldn't hardly believe that happened! I feel sorry for your son but he can be assured that things are replaceable and that people are more important. What lovely ladies you are who donated such nice purses for her, your hearts are gold.
    When my son was small he knew that tags in shirts are itchy and he was trying to help me by cutting mine out of my clothes, leaving holes in the fabric. I was upset at first but then gave him a big hug. I knew that he was trying to help mommy not to itch! I hid the scissors really good after that.
  15. This was such a thoughtful idea and you totally deserve all of these wonderful items, Kimmie!

    Now hurry up and post pictures!! :p