How will all-leather Dionysus hold up??


Feb 14, 2013
Northern VA
Hello all!! I'm considering ordering the all leather mini Dionysus, but am a bit concerned about how the leather will hold up over time. I know the current model with the canvas/suede combo is pretty sturdy and holds it shape really well. I'm concerned that the leather version won't hold it's shape as well. I love the look/style of this mini bag, but i'm not crazy about the logo canvas which is why I thought the leather version would be the perfect solution! I've included a link to the all-leather version for those of you who aren't familiar. Thanks in advance for your opinions and suggestions!!<>prd_id=845524447027297


Jun 18, 2012
I want the Dionysus in leather in a full size so very badly. So I think this is an adorable bag. I have always found Gucci bags to have outstanding quality and the Dionysus is a very structured bag so I would expect that with a reasonable amount of care, it will retain its structure and look pristine.