How wide is a wide foot?

  1. Mine is about 3.5''... Is that very wide?

    How about yours, ladies? :wlae:
  2. I have no idea how wide my foot is in inches.... But I know I have a wide foot lol
  3. That's about normal isn't it :shrugs:
  4. a "Wide" Cl foot is a normal foot IMO!!!
  5. I think it sort of has more to do with the ratio of width to length. Not that I have a definite number for you, but it seems like 3.5" wide and 8" long would be considered more "wide" than 3.5" wide and 10" long, you know?
  6. I think niccig has it right...I'm a US 6.5 which measures to about 8.5'' but my foot is almost 4'' across it's widest point! I totally have Miss Piggy feet! =D
  7. Mine are about 3.5" too, and I consider them to be wide. I always buy my New Balance shoes in wide.
  8. Mine is about 3" wide and 9.5" long is that normal?
  9. I'm beginning to think I'm actually a size 8, not 8.5 as I previously thought, but my foot is wide, so I usually wear 8.5 in most shoes, but anywhere from 38-39 in CL.
  10. Depends what your talking about as that sounds very impressive LOL Sorry couldn't resist! :smile: I worked this out when I was researching laponos and on some random chart I found online it said 3.5" for my shoe size is classed as wide. Well I am 3.5". However I seem to do very nicely in the shoes that suit narrow feet, I think it is all to do with the arch. I have high arches? So I spose Shaq's width is normal but who the hell has 2.5" feet to be the small? :confused1:
  11. LOL i'm talking about feet haha! yea i think its normal too i dont think anybody have 2.5" feet except maybe babies lmao. so yay i'm glad i'm a guy with a high arch and normal width foot!
  12. Pretty much means you can wear anything? I still have to use the try on first and see technique as I have tiny hooves for feet with a ridiculously high arch but supposedly "wide" - though they don't look it. Maybe I should've been a ballerina :rolleyes:
  13. I've always considered myself to have wide feet, but I'm starting to think I'm probably wrong. They're only about 3.25" across (in a TTS 7.5). I've been thinking that they're wide since I always have heel slippage (which made me think that my shoes were too long, and that I was therefore sizing up for width), but really I think I just have narrow heels and an otherwise normal foot. That said, I almost always go up to a 38 in CL.
  14. I totally agree with you! Don't you hate the long shoe look? That's the reason why I DO NOT want to size up unless there's no other way... STRETCH your shoes for the way!
  15. My feet are about 9.5" long, 3.75" wide at the widest part. I think that is pretty wide?