How white/light is the vachetta on new items you get? And do you care?

  1. On all my items they've been super white. For my pochette accessories it was a bit less than white. It had patinaed slightly, but of the 3 I looked at, they had all patinaed lightly. I cared a little bit but since she already brought out 3, I was under the impression shed be rather unwilling to show me new stock from the back. I'm guessing it is attributed to it sitting in the drawer? How long does it take for new LV to slightly patina while in storage at the store? This is why I prefer stores with high turnover.
  2. I NEED brand new vachetta- while I love patina, I like knowing that it was "created" 100% by me. KWIM?
  3. I've bought most of my LVs on elux and they've all arrived as expected with the super white vachetta.

    What's weird for me is how they've patina'd at different paces, even though they get pretty even rotation and are all stored in their dustbags out of sunlight. I got my Cabas Piano about 3 months after my mono Speedy, and the Piano has patina'd much more all over (shoudler straps and bottom vachetta) than the Speedy. Is it because there's more vachetta on the Piano, or due to the flat straps on the Piano vs. the rounded ones on the Speedy? Really weird. Anyway, I just enjoy the patina process and don't sweat it too much.
  4. I feel the same way. My SA already knows when I get there. She looks for one that is perfect. If the plastic is still on, the better. I like the feeling of being the one that broke it in.
  5. My vachetta is usually pretty light. As long as it's not a light tan/honey color then I'm happy, I like putting the patina on myself :yes:
  6. when i buy bags ofcourse i want it 100% brand new though sometimes the available stock at the store is made months earlier so we don't get the super white vachetta.
    I actually exchange my baggy pm from spain coz mom didn't notice that the SA gave her scratched metal hardware, light patina-ed bag so after few days i exchanged it here in our country.
  7. mine must be stark white. i do care. when my keepall came from elux and some of it had visible patina compared to parts that were still very light. it's noticable and bothers me but i figure it will all even out with time. but if i buy my items at the store, they have to be really light. the only exception i ever made was for my vavin pm because every store i went to did not have that bag in new stock and had slightly turned. i delt with it, but no more. most of the stuff i want now are new items/styles anyway.
  8. its gotta be super white for me too. I want to create my own little colour!!
  9. I like to develop the patina. So, I like my new bags to be very light.
  10. I had no choice when I bought my Damier Geant mage in sable color all the ones I saw had a little patina on them:s and even my SA told me that they all would have some sorth of patina so I had no choice and I still drooled when It came home with me:drool: :love:
  11. I like the vachetta white or i will not buy it.
  12. Absolutely pristine, otherwise I will look elsewhere. I prefer to have my items with as little patina for as long as possible !
  13. The two items I've bought with vachetta were bright white at purchase. I wouldn't mind if it had a tiny bit of color though. I find the white white look a bit intimidating. :blush:
  14. I don't like the white at all, I always try for a speedy patina :smile: Guess I'm the only one :p
  15. It has to be perfect and pristine white vachetta. If not I would ask to see another one.