How white do you want your teeth?

  1. When you bleach your teeth, do you try to make them as white as they will go, or do you stop when you to a certain shade?
  2. I don't bleach my teeth, but I read that your teeth look best when they're as white was the whites of your eyes.
  3. I want my teeth to match the whitest teeth I already have. I'm not into blindingly white when it looks fake. It makes me think of chiclets.
  4. ^I've heard the same thing.
    If you go whiter than that, the white of your eyes will look yellow in comparison.
  5. That's it! Maybe the beauty trend will be bleaching the eyeballs to make them whiter.:yahoo:
  6. ^^:lol: I like my teeth to be white but not fake white, to the point it is practically blinding, KWIM?
  7. I stop when the crest white strips start making my teeth hurt, usually after like, 2 or 3 applications (never enough to do any good):roflmfao:
  8. My teeth will never be white enough for me. In a perfect world they would be blinding, glow-in-the-dark WHITE. I'm obsessed with super fake looking capped white teeth-- I luuuuuuuurve them :shame:
  9. well, you can get eye drops designed to make your eyes look whiter :p
  10. I love super white teeth as well. The whiter the better. People are always commenting on how white my teeth are and I haven't even touched them up in a year and a half but will again soon.
  11. Don't joke - I'm sure it's on its way (if it's hasn't already started!). I still remember when I found out about anal bleaching :wtf::wtf:
  12. I'm not going to even ask. :crybaby:
  13. OMG too funny! i was equally appalled when i heard about that.

    i agree with some though, i love super white teeth, but its important to be careful, because too much whitening can cause your teeth to get see-throughish! which isnt only ugly, but also unhealthy bc of loss of enamel.
  14. Same here!! I want my teeth to be blinding white. Like Ross's in that episode of Friends where he gets his teeth bleached and they literally glow. Don't want mine to be see-through, but I want them to be fake-looking white. I've taken about a year off from bleaching now and I'm ready to start again! I feel like Whitestrips isn't enough, so I'm going to ask my dentist when I go in February how I can get them as white as possible without getting veneers. Although those are tempting because then I could get ridiculously white teeth! :nuts: But I'm too scared about having to get them replaced or having them chip or break.
  15. I want my teeth to be very white .. so far I have been to britesmile and I use their toothpaste daily for maintenance. I am looking into cosmetic dentistry now - I really want the one day perfect teeth similar to what you see on extreme makeover.