How/Where to get on waiting list?

  1. I want to be on a waiting list for a black bag for Fall (new leather hopefully). Who/where should I call?
  2. You can call Balenciaga NY and pre-order the Fall bags. I forgot the phone number... anyone?
  3. what style? black shouldn't be too difficult to find (particularly if they keep churning them out the way they have been this season)! but if you're worried you can always call the nyc boutique...
  4. oops, our posts crossed!

    the number is 212-206-0872
  5. Sunspark - If you go through Bal NY, please request for Joseph to help you. He picks out really nice bags! Good luck!
  6. If you want to purchase the bag in person you can go to Barneys otherwise call the New York boutique or Aloharag. Good luck!!
  7. I second that!! Joseph picks out the best ones!!
  8. I pre-ordered my blue-grey City for fall from Joseph!
  9. I fourth all the good comments about Joseph!