How?When?How long?

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  1. :idea:
    How did u know ur hubby?
    When did u knew him?
    How long have u been with him?
    and if it went serioues.. i would love to know how did he propose 2u?:love:

    sorrry if am digging into ur personal stuff...would like to share + i love hearing such lovely stories :shame:
  2. :nuts: speaking about my self ... i knew him when i was 17:nuts: shocking eeh? he's my friend's friend ..heared alot about me and wanted to know me closely .. i knew him for 5 years but at first..i really didnt thinik that he's my style.. yet.. he turned out to be the1:love: he's soo sweet and he knows how to treat me being woman:love: ...age difference is 10:nuts: another shock eh?... i know people with age difference of 25 :weird: ...back to topic ..:love: we'd been thru soo many hard times... but we sticked 2 one another ..:love:

    pray girlz that he willl be serioues with me sooon:cry: :love:
  3. Met my hubby at a frat party in my 2nd year of college. Although I had never ever done it before, I went home with him. Who would have know that a one night stand would turn into 10 years of marriage and two babies! :love:

    I have known my husband for 13 years. He proposed by (don't laugh; cheese factor coming up) taking me to Niagria Falls, waking me up at 5 a.m. by placing an engagement ring on my finger and asking "Will you spend the rest of your life with me?" It was awesome. :love:

    We were married 9 months later in Jamaica (sp) on the beach in a romantic, intimate ceramony. When we returned, my parents gave us a great wedding reception.
  4. Becca :shame: u seeem soo sweet together ...may it last forever
    and the way he proposed is sooo sweet and surprising.. also its sooo new way loooooooool .. take care of luck with him .. kisses to the babies:shame:
  5. met my husband when i took him on tour of the college campus (i worked in the admissions office). thought he was kinda cute.

    we've known each other feels like, but we've been together since 1997 and married since 2002.

    i actually proposped to him...not purposely, but it came out that way and he said yes, so we did it!
  6. My husband and I met each other when we were 15. I thought he was sooooo cute--He was a starter for the football team! We were best friends but we really liked each other in secret. We were officially dating about half a year later. He was my junior and senior prom date.

    Then we went to separate universities, so we did the long distance relationship. We missed each other so much!

    After college we both worked in the same town. It was great how that worked out! He proposed at a romantic restaurant in NYC. We dined by candlelight, and our table was next to a fireplace. The whole restaurant applauded after he asked me to be his wife. It was this great moment.

    Our wedding was perfect, beautiful, and everything I've dreamed of.

    And now we are expecting our first baby! I feel very lucky and very blessed to be with my best friend, and that we are still crazy in love with each other!
  7. Ahaha! That's AWESOME! Congratulations on 10 years! :love:
  8. I was 16 when I met my boyfriend, I am now 22. we went to seperate high schools and met through a mutual friend, we were young and very much in love. He went away to college and for about 6 months we seperated because the distance was very difficult to handle... and I briefly dated a hockey player...bad idea... I missed my boyfriend so much that we got back together. Now he is in law school, and I'm finishing up my last year of college. I'm looking to move in with him next year because I have a job offer in the city where he is going to school. Marriage is still a couple years down the road, but he is the one.
  9. I met my husband when I was 18 on New Year's Eve. My friend dragged me to a disco(this was 1976):nuts: . I did not want to go out that night and tried to get out of it. So there we were at this disco and I see this guy across the room:love: and I turn to my friend and say "that is the man I am going to marry".................... We walked over to him and it turned out he was with a friend who he introduced to my friend and at 12:00 we kissed....:lol: My family did not like him, he was 7 years older that me and the oldest guy I ever dated. We just knew we were going to get married. We went in to NY one day and picked out a ring but didn't make it official till Valentines Day. Then we planned a wedding and moved to Florida the day after I turned 20. We have been married for 26 years and are blessed with two children who are the loves of our lives. Our son is 9 and daughter is 6. I am still in love with him and I feel fate brought us together that night.:biggrin:
  10. We met because I had to take extra maths classes because of my grades. I was 19 and he 20. I actually proposed to him with 21 in a TV show. We had this show called dream wedding where you could win your wedding, honeymoon and a car. I applied for it because I never thought that they would take me! It was a very beautiful proposal: we were in Crete in a very old chape and I was wearing a traditional Greek wedding dress, there were candles everywhere and than I asked him to marry me! Finally we really won the whole game against 2 other couples. So we had a pretty good start in our new life! We're now 10 years married and been together for 12 years. Actually I don't think that if I married now I would do it on TV but with 21 it was fun and an experience that I don't want to miss!