How well...

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  1. ...does your significant other know your handbag tastes/styles?

    Last night, I was flipping through this month's Lucky (with Amanda Peet on the cover) and decided to play a little game with my boyfriend. There is a handbag feature where pictures of bags are grouped by style. I asked my boyfriend to pick out the bag he thought I would actually buy or use, per feature, and he got about 90% right. I think he was slightly scared by how well he knew my handbag likes/dislikes.
  2. hmm... i wish my bf knows that much a/b bags. :P)
  3. my bf and i have dramatically different tastes in clothes and what he thinks i'd like...for that reason he just comes and asks me how much and sends me on my merry way! lol

    same goes for him, i bought him a lilac colored shirt yesterday and thought he'd look great in it (since he really wears black all the time) and he wouldn't even put it!
  4. all my bf knows is LV... thats not a bad thing!!! hehehe!
  5. My husband knows all too well and he knows at Hermes they are very expensive. (he is sweet though and we always go in to browse) The SA's love him since he is 6' 5'' and 250 lbs. of hunky man. They love to look at him and try to have him test their cologne while I look at the bags and accessories.
  6. My hubby is very intuitive about my purse likes/dislikes, let alone understanding of my obsession :love: ! He likes and appreciates the look of the paddy :biggrin: . He actually wanted me to get the Fendi Spy but I wasn't sure I loved the style! One day he came home and told me one his coworkers has a spy and a blue paddy, and I was shocked he even noticed!

    BUT the downfall to this is that I really really want the LV Manhattan but he doesn't like the style too much. Last time I tried to get the bag his argument was "why get that bag when you have a Marc Jacobs bag in pink just like it!" :weird: :sad2: How can you argue such a good point! Although I 'm still trying to get this bag somehow....heehee. :nuts:
  7. He** U#*@ing no!!! I'm surprised that he knows what a purse is!!!!!!!! (I'm not slamming his intellect by any means, he's just not that female fashion savvy)..he he!
  8. Mine hubby has great taste in purses and clothes..he's very much so a metro-sexual.
  9. Mine, too. I don't mind telling him LV prices, as long as he doesn't find out about LV's friends Chanel, Chloe and Balenciaga :P
  10. he is clueless, although he knows the prices all too well! But if I want something as a gift, I pretty much have to cut it out from a magazine, or tell my SA to expect him.
  11. He tells me that from now on, when I'm getting an expensive bag, I should mainly consider Chanel, Bottega Venetta (his favorite), LV (he likes only simple classic designs from them) and few of MJs that don't look too trendy. He loves BV b/c it's subtle classy and timeless and doesn't like showy stuff. I always ask for his opinion b/c usually he's right on the dot and doesn't let me stray away :biggrin:
  12. My boyfriend didn't know what a bag was until I made him look at women's purses when we were waiting to get seated at a restaurant at a mall...he he. I showed him Monogram LV and Coach (the most obvious, in my opinion!) and now he spots them himself! I taught him well... But I wouldn't expect him to know what a LV Epi or Suhali look like...he he

    Does he know the prices???? Oh, no! He would NEVER let me buy a LV until I get a well-paying full time job. And I don't think he's motivated enough to go online and look up the prices himself!
  13. I actually think my boyfriend would die of sticker shock if he knew how much some of my bags cost.

    We were in NYC a few weeks ago, and I was browsing the women's shoe department at Bergdorf's. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him checking out the prices of some of the shoes, and saw him turn a bit pale, and very gently put them back....we're talking a 6'5" person gently placing $500+ shoes away. Really funny.
  14. Very well. LOL.
  15. My husband knows my taste, but just doesn't understand why they cost so much.