How well will Venchetta age on Vernis Pomme D'amour?

  1. I'm thinking of getting Roxbury Drive in Pomme as I think the color is TDF!! :drool: Any idea on whether it'll look ok once the leather darkens?
  2. I think it would look great!!
  3. I think it will be beautiful! I can't wait for my Reade to patina!
  4. It should look very pretty!
  5. I dont know!But I saw a roxbury irl the other day and OMG, its gorgeous~! Maybe someone with photoshop could do the patina again, its great to see what it will look like! xx
  6. I think that it will look beautiful!!
  7. If I remember right someone posted a Photoshop image of the Rox Pomme with a darker patina to try it out. Maybe you want to search the forum. I remember it looking beautiful!
  8. Ive been wondering this!
  9. I think it'll look great! Especially b/c the Pomme is a darker color!!!
  10. I was wondering about the same thing, b/c can't decide Perle or Pomme rox, and John5 did a photo shop pix of both w/patina, u can dig it out by search.