How well travelled are your H bags?

  1. It's occurred to me that most of my bags are far better travelled than me! Since my pregnancy five years ago, I think I've only been to Chicago for weekends, plus California and Oregon for family vacations.

    But because I buy pre-loved bags, most of them have travelled quite far.

    They've come from Switzerland, Germany, England, Austria via Tennessee, Florida, California, and New Jersey. And Constance, my darling from Germany, has subsequently been to New York, and is now resting and recuperating in Paris!

    Where have your bags been? And have you been with them?
  2. Fun question! Bags have come from H stores in France, Switzerland, Florida, New York, California, Chicago, and gone through Connecticut, Singapore, and other places etc. either having been directly purchased by myself or through a reseller.

    Since having DD though, only domestic travel along the West Coast with occasional trips back East ...except for next month--one lucky bag gets to go with me to Paris.
  3. well, i suppose all of our hermes bags, every single one of them, no exceptions, started out in paris. kind of interesting to think about it that way.
    mine came from ny, has been all over ny and nj and to l.a., boston, toronto, zurich and antwerp. heading back to belgium and the netherlands later this year. always with me.
  4. My kelly was born in Paris. traveled to California, went to Japan, Singapore, Maldives, and going to Hawaii soon. I think she wants to go to Tahiti really bad. I must fulfill her wish. She also wants visit her hometown one day.
  5. Most came to me via Paris, except my 2 Kellys (one from Wash. DC and the other from Cape Cod) and my Amazonia GPT (Boston). The only bags that have since traveled are my trusty black clemence Birkin (back to Paris multiple times; Hong Kong; Denver, Philly, NYC of course, New Orleans, San Antonio a few times, SF a few times...etc.) and the fuchsia ostrich Birkin had to see Palm Beach.
  6. My two H bags came from New York and Massachussets, and since they got here, all they get to do is commute, commute, commute.
  7. My H bags were purchased at SCP, LV, and SF... Miss Massai is currently with me on Maui...Aloha!!! Kelly is originally from LV...has visited SF...and Thailand... Evelyne is from SF...has also travelled to Thailand... Birkin is from SCP...she has visited Madrid, London, LV, and SF...