How well to Coach sunglasses hold up?

  1. I am wanting to buy my first pair of Coach sunglasses.
    Specifically the Sofia ones. I currently own just 3 Gucci sunnies and they are all I know concerning sunglasses!

    How well do they hold up? Another pair at the boutique had like one of the legs swinging really loosely like it wasn't tight at all.

    I'm afraid of the quality... I was just really put off by that one pair where the leg was swinging madly all loosened.

    Any problems with the sunnies by Coach? Thanks so much.
  2. I've had one of my pairs for about 3-4 years now and the only thing thats happened is a loose screw from wearing them daily! I got them tightened and they are all good now!
  3. I have a pair of the Samantha's and they have held up all Summer to a baby pulling them off my face constantly. If they can withstand her they are made to last!
  4. I have a pair of Peony's that have held up GREAT cept the right screw occassionally has to be tightened. They're great! Very clear.
  5. I have two pairs of Alicias and I love them! Like the other gals said, my only complaint is that the screws get loose, but I've found that I can use my hair barrettes to tigthen them myself, so it's not a huge deal :smile:
  6. They are mfg'd by Marchon(sp?) I have 2 pair, they hold up well, one pair does get a loose screw that I tighten up once in a while. Sofia's are nice!
  7. They hold up well.
  8. I bought the sofias about 4 months ago and have worn them almost every day since. They hold up pretty well. I have several pairs of COACH sunnies and all have held up well.
  9. i have 5 pairs and love em.....
  10. I hace a pair of Samantha's and they have held up fine. I also own a pair of Gucci sunnies and in terms of quality, I think they are both one to one.

    You won't regret getting a pair of Coach sunnies so go for it!
  11. I've bought 3 pairs over the past few years and they are still looking good! Haven't had any problems or complains!
  12. I only have one pair, the white Samanthas and they're perfect still! I was a little wary of the stones at first, thinking they might pop out, but they haven't!
  13. I have two pairs and although I did have one tiny stone pop out, I have had no other problems. They fit really well.
  14. I've had my Coach Eva pair of sunglasses for over a year now, and I always think to myself that they hold up really well. I wear them on a daily basis, and they have also been tortured through manys days in the pool and beach. I've had them *almost* lost at the beach 2-3 times, but was lucky enough to have been able to grab them and not have them wash away. I've had countless amounts of "stuff" (sand, dirt, you name it) on the lenses and after using my lens cleaner, my leans are clear and seem like theyre not even there. And just as sprinkles mentioned, they do get loose from the daily wear. but i have a sunglass kit and tighten them every so often, and then theyre fine again.

    basically, Coach sunglasses are very durable IMO.
  15. I just bought my first pair last night and they seem pretty sturdy. I can't wait to wear them out!