How well-rounded is your LV collection?

  1. In my little collection, I try not to have bags that are too similar. And I try to have a collection that is well-rounded for any season or occasion. I thought it would be interesting to make a list of what I have, WITHOUT identifying the brand or style, just the color and shape and material, to see how well-rounded it really is. Here is what I came up with... maybe you can guess what they are. Okay they are pretty easy.

    small coated canvas brown satchel
    medium coated canvas brown & black tote
    medium coated canvas gray & white tote
    small coated canvas brown shoulder flap bag
    small coated canvas brown zippered clutch
    medium cotton/denim green satchel
    medium patent leather red shoulder bag/clutch

    not LV:
    medium leather green slouchy hobo
    medium leather dark brown slouchy hobo
    medium leather metallic white slouchy satchel
    medium leather black slouchy satchel
    medium leather whiskey brown satchel
    small white nylon shoulder bag

    So what's missing? I have brown, black, white, green, and red bags. I have shoulder bags and totes and satchels. I have formal and casual, small and medium, plain and extravagant.

    I wonder if I am done with my collection? I guess I don't have anything pink, or gold, or blue. But I don't know if that is a requirement for me.

    What about you? Have you ever thought of your collection this way?
  2. I think you are missing a great travel bag. LV keepall?
  3. Yeah I would love a Damier Keepall. Or if they made a Damier Speedy 40 or something!