How well does zucca fabric hold up?

  1. I've got the new metallic zucca baby spy on my brain (and heart) but I'm a little concerned with the fabric part. For those who own any zucca fendis, does the fabric prone to getting dirty, and how well does it repel water? Thanks in advance :flowers:

    FINALLY saw the spring pink and purple spys yesterday. The pink was "meh," but the purple was heavenly!! I would definitely be considering the purple, only I'm just looking for a small day-to-night bag that will hold just the essentials.
  2. The zucca used on spy bags is remarkably resilient IMO :tup:, The rest of the bag will start to wear before it does, unless you severely abuse it, like leave it in a puddle of ink or tie it to a rope on your car and drive around town.:lol:
  3. Oh my gosh, those are what nightmares are made of! :lol: Thanks for the quick response baglady! :flowers: I'm just looking for that little push in the right direction :tup:
  4. I have to agree with baglady.1, the fendi material is some of the best. I use the bags made out of the zucca as my "beater" bags. I've had some of them for years and still get compliments on them, too!
  5. The Zucca fabric is definitely good wearing unless you abuse it.
  6. Woohoo, that's just wanted I wanted to hear. I'm looking for a "beat around" bag, and was torn between the LV damier papillon and the baby zucca spy. I'm definitely leaning towards the fendi now! Thanks kiss_p and BagAngel!
  7. A little off topic, does the zucca spy bag ever go on sale?
  8. I've never seen it on sale at a store, unless it was included in a Friends & Family or opening a store charge event. But, smartbargins has them now at a discount.
  9. got my mini zucca i love it! but it seems fragile maybe because it is my first one....will be careful til i get used to it!
  10. I have had several zucca's over the years (since the 80s) and never had any problems, like baglady.1 says the other parts of the bag will show wear first.
  11. I think the Zucca is incredibly resilient. My zucca spy is my beater spy, so to speak. Great for travel, great for lugging things around.
  12. Thanks for all the replies, ladies! I'm going to have to get these mitts on a zucca baby spy one of these days!
  13. Hi, I was wondering if someone can tell me if The Fendi Boston bag like a LV Speedy has the sagging thing going on? I have only seen pictures of The Boston bag never in person. Thanks :smile:
  14. Not sure what you mean exactly about sagging, but they do relax a bit and soften with time. Their bottom piece is not real stiff like cardboard. But when you put things in them, they seem to stay in shape and I hate to say it, but I am a bit of a fan...:p
    BTW, the large LE ones are TDF :yahoo:
  15. Thanks. In regards to the sagging thing, I meant when you put your items in, does the bottom sag Like a Vuitton speedy does, you have to put cardboard on the bottom of the LV Speedy to help stop that so I was just wondering if the Boston Bag did that, but I think I might have mentioned a style that is not popular :shame: as I am new to Fendi, LOL :smile: and could anyone tell me if the site STYLEDROPS is reputable or not, do I stay away? Thank in advance, forgive me I am new to Fendi and need help LOL , I like the Zucca fabric.