How well does your blush hold up?

  1. I'm currently using a Pur Minerals blush. I've gone through three compacts from this brand already, however, the blush doesn't last long on my cheeks. Throughout my eighth hour workday, the color vanishes slowly. I like this brand only because it doesn't cause my sensitive skin to breakout unlike MAC. Don't know whether it's the brand, color, or just my face that can't seem to hold on.

    Do any of you use a primer prior to blush application? Is there a recommended mineral blush that will keep in its place throughout the day?
  2. I use bare minerals. It lasts for me all day.
  3. I use BM foundation..and eye shadow..LOVE...however, I live in FL. and always have a tan. All of the bronzers I use go orange on me so I use MAC pressed powder in DARK and it gives me a nice glow. (I use it as blush) it stay for ages.
  4. I did recently try a Stila blush that was great.
  5. I use Everyday Minerals and the color lasts all day long for me. Sounds like it may be time for a change for you!
  6. I use a blush by Pout that I :heart::heart::heart: It stays on almost all day, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I'd highly recommend it.
  7. I use MAC and it lasts all day.
  8. I use Nars (Orgasm) and it lasts all day for me.
  9. my nars, mac, and smashbox stays on all day as well. I'm not a huge blush person so those are the only ones that i've owned/tried.
  10. I use NARS, Giorgio Armani and MAC, all last very good as long as no one touches my face...
  11. i've used lancome (powder), the body shop (gel/stain), too faced (powder), clinique (powder), & bareminerals (loose poweder). the gel lasts the longest, w/ bareminerals comming in a close second. the pressed powders don't last long because they don't have anything to "grip" on to. the too faced one is my favorite cuz it has a shimmer that stays on all day. good luck... i would suggest a gel or cream if you're looking for a long lasting blush.
  12. I use all different types of blush (mostly powder and cream). I put it directly on top of my foundation and set it with loose powder. It stays put all day.
  13. I use Nars and it lasts a long time.
  14. I use MAC and it lasts all day.....this is why I switched to MAC. I had the same problems!
  15. I use Nars Sin and it lasts practically all day (very hot and humid where I live now so I have to lower my expectations a bit.... when in NY the blush lasts all day)