how well does the vernis collection hold up?

  1. hi everyone, im new here and planning to get a bedford in pomme d amour. it will be my first vernis bag and i was just wondering how well does the material hold up. i heard that they are very delicate and scratches easily. is this true?

    oh and nice meeting all of u ;)
  2. I don't have an answer for you cuz I just got my first vernis recently
    but just wanted to welcome you to this wonderful forum :heart:
  3. i have a pomme pochette wallet, i bought it a while back, but just started using it recently. so far so good, i haven't noticed any scratches and i have been extra cautious to prevent any color transfer. good luck on your decision.
  4. It holds up really well, especially the darker colors. I have quite a few Vernis pieces and haven't noticed scratches or color transfer on any of them.
  5. The darker colors are fine - I have a pomme 4-key holder and a framboise agenda and there's no markings on them after using them everyday for months! Just be careful not to put them on magazines or other things that could transfer print, or against other leather objects that could transfer color, and you'll be fine!
  6. I just bought my 1st vernis- Rosewood in pomme and so far has only use her for 3 times and i would say, i absolutely adore vernis.. such that just this week, I went to the store again and purchase my 2nd vernis - Pomme keyholder... you will love vernis too, i believe...
  7. I have a vernis wallet that is holding up really well. I use it every day and so far I don't see any scratches or color transfer.
  8. My PEARLE Zippy has lots of scratches. But Ive been using it everyday though and throwing it around in my bag, so I guess that's why. I dont like being too careful with my LVs. I cant enjoy them properly if I constantly worry if they have scratches or whatever. The more scratched it becomes, the more it becomes unique.

    I definitely support you in your decision to buy Vernis. Just be prepared when the time comes that it does get scratches. It's a normal thing.
  9. I've heard mixed reviews. I can only speak for myself - and my vernis agenda (in rouge/red). I've had the piece for 3 years, used it exclusively as a college student and as a student teacher. I throw it around from bag to bag - desk to floor - and it still looks brand new and SMELLS brand new. It's the newest looking piece I own, and the oldest. :heart: No scratches or color fading/transfer - nothing. It still shines like the day I got it - and I far from baby it - I near abuse the thing. I mean, it's an agenda, afterall - and I'm too busy to be bothered! :p

  10. I have the Reade PM in pomme and it nothing but a joy! It really is trouble free for me.
  11. hi, i have a thompson monogram vernis in blue, a friend just recently gave it to me, but it has stains and markings, can anyone tell me how to remove the stubborn stains which is imbedded? thanks
  12. My Vernis Cles has held up really well.
  13. I have a vernis reade in bronze that is 5 years old. Although there is some wear on the bottom edges, it's extremely mild and doesn't show unless you inspect really closely. It's absolutely gorgeous for its age.
  14. thanks for all the replies, very helpful tips and im so glad i joined this forum =)the reason why im concerned is i have seen scratches on a lot of vernis bags, such as the marshmellow bags. a lot of you are saying the darker colors hold up better, so does that mean the pomme should be fine? i really want to get a vernis bag but still debating which one cuz im spending so much on a lv bag, might as well get one i like best, right? i really liked the bedform in marshmellow but too bad that color is discontinued. what do u guys suggest? post pics =D
  15. I have used my vernis cles everyday for 2 years and it is in great condition. I have it framboise and have had no scratches or color problems.

    I would say that the pomme bedford would hold up really well. I would suggest going to LV and trying on a few vernis bags and see which you like the best and how they feel. Are you looking for a hand held bag like the reade pm or a shoulder bag like the houston/brentwood??