How well does the B makeup bag fit in a City?

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  1. Hi gals,
    I think I want to buy a B makeup well does it fit in the city? Does it take up too much room? I'd still need to fit my sunglass case, digital camera case, large wallet, and other little things I carry. Thanks for any help!
  2. It depends on how you like your bags to look. I like the slouchy look with less inside. I use mu's for the larger bags. But it would fit in a city with no problem.
  3. Fits just fine!
  4. I kind of like them fuller, so they don't slouch as much. Will I still have room for all of my other junk though?
  5. ^^I keep a lot of stuff in makeup bag to prevent a ton of junk rolling around in my purse.
  6. I think there's plenty of room in a City, even with a full MU and the other stuff you mentioned.
  7. I keep the MU, large wallet and keys in a City. The MU has most of my junk inside, including my sunglasses. Actually it holds, sunglasses, reading glasses, pill case, pen, tissues, purse hangar, small paper pad, various receipts.....strangely enough, no makeup! :smile:
  8. MU works great in the city. There's still plenty of room, you'll have no trouble fitting your things.
  9. Mine fits fine and it would be a good way to organize your stuff in a City. But I don't use mine that way. I keep it for short errands and walking the dog. I never use it for make-up, but keep keys, tissues, phone, etc inside.
  10. MUs are great for the City. They even fit comfortably in the First. :yes:
  11. Agree with everyone else here ... fits perfectly. I usually carry a MU, long wallet, a CP and my phone and I still have alot of room left over.
  12. I agree, I carry in my city what I carry in my PT:

    long wallet
    A medium sized vera bradley makeup
    coin purse
    and two skinny checkbooks
    oh, and my planner.

    And it all fits just fine!
  13. Thank you so much ladies!!!!!!! Now I definitely want one! That's a good idea to use it as an organizational bag as well. I have crap everywhere inside my bag. I tried a purseket, but I didn't like how it made the city look.