How well does MJ bags sell on ebay?

  1. Curious....
  2. I sold a blake in excellent condition for $325 in two days. Sold a butter yellow stella in good condition for $300 within a few days also. If the price is low enough, it will sell. :yes:
  3. WOW! those are GREAT prices! i got a blake for $500 from personalshoppers... :[
  4. It seems like you can get pretty good deals on MJ on ebay, for the most part. I would say the exception is the Stam. I sold a Serena satchel for $400 a while back.
  5. how can i know if one of our members is selling on ebay? I think since I am new, I cannot even go to marketplace, right?
    I always want to buy from ebay, but always afraid the item will be fake.
  6. post the pictures/link in the authentication thread! someone will be along to help you out
  7. but what if i want to know if any of our members is selling?
  8. Linking our ebay auctions is not something that is appropriate. But, if you see an auction you like, post the link in the authenticity thread, and usually PF members know ebay id's and if the seller is a member here.
  9. thanks. I already posted a thread on authenticate this link.
    hope somebody will answer soon