How well does Miroir hold up?

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  1. I have the Miroir Lockit in both Gold and silver and I look at them everyday, but I haven't had the courage to actually use them because I'm afraid that they will get scratched.

    My mono bags are very sturdy and I never worry about them. I don't even really worry about the vachetta.

    How well does the Miroir really hold up? Will I just have to endure the scratches?
  2. Use them!!! Life is too short!
  3. ^lol! I know.... but it's like that first scratch on a new car.
  4. I know....I'm the same way. Once it happens though, you'll be over it. I think that most of the gals say that it actually holds up quite well. Just use one and see what happens!! You need to show them off...they're gorgeous!!!!
  5. the miroirs hold up wonderfully no worries about the body of teh bag but because the bottom is smooth you'll need to be a bit more careful there but who looks at the bottom of a bag.

    No worries with rain but when it dries it will leave water spots these buff off, they don't like cold they go really stiff but no damage they are ok when the warm up again
  6. Hi Colleen, I feel the same way.....especially since the care book specifically says that there is no remedy for scratches of any sort....I think that it's probably more weather durable than the silver suhali I was WLd for, which is why I bought this one instead.
  7. ^ forgot to say sometimes they look scratches but if you get a really soft cloth and buff them (a wet clean finger does a good job too) it get's rid of most of the scratches
  8. ^^^^

    Wow, I never thought of what the cold could do to miroir....I live in a tropical climate, so the only thing I would need to worry about is the sun reflecting off and blinding anyone within eye shot !!
  9. I have a silver keepall and use it for carry on luggage- I shudder in horror when someone else opens the overhead bin and shoves something on top of it, but it really doesn't matter becasue the folds and creases just shake right out. In terms of scratching the PVC is very hard wearing - I have used mine as a picnic bad and set it on the grass (oh maybe I put it on the blanket and I sat on the grass - can't remember) and the bottom surface is fine.

    I say use them!!!
  10. Just use them and Enjoy them.
  11. It holds up better than you'd think. I use my silver Speedy a lot and yeah it has a couple of tiny dings but otherwise it's perfect!
  12. I am also very careful with mine because of scratches. They seem durable, but I am still nervous. My Miroir seems to be fine, but the letters on my LVOE tote have some weird marks and I have been beyond careful with that bag, I am not sure what they are but it totally makes me bummed!
  13. they hold up really well! they do end up getting scratched, but life is too short, you gotta use them!
  14. Thanks for all your replies. I think that I'm going to take my silver lockit out for a little test drive. :smile: I have heard that they wear a little better than you'd think, but I guess I'm just overly paranoid.
  15. Just relax and enjoy them. You'll be surprised just how much attention you'll get!