How well does Gucci stand against rain??

  1. just want to know..TIA
  2. I wouldn't take it out in torrential downpour but getting slightly wet will not hurt it. I've had a gucci for 3 years now with no problems.
  3. My Gucci has been very durable & the rain has been no problem.
  4. I have had no problems with any of mine in the rain. But I also live in Los Angeles where we only had 3 inches of rain last year.
  5. leather or canvas? My leather changes color when its wet, like a major change! It doesn't change back until its dry..scares me everytime!. Haven't gotten my canvas wet yet but I think it'll be fine.
  6. canvas... not a real problem when there's a drizzle, but it still is fabric, so i wouldn't bring it when it's pouring outside.
  7. hehe im a bad purse mommy and ive been in the rain and snow with my gucci horsbit "chain" hobo...and its tottally fine!!!! :smile: they are well made bags and getting them wet once in a while should hurt it :smile: just make sure u dry it properly, or youll get that icky wet smell!
  8. I've never had any problems either with fabric or leather.
  9. I agree with the previous posters... I carry some sort of gucci bag a couple times a week both leather and canvas and well I'v never had any problems considering its rained almost everyday for the last month,lol

    If you have canvas you may want to scotch gaurd it though