How Well Does a Spy Wear?

  1. In my search for the perfect pre-loved Spy, I've seen several for sale that mention a worn spot, or show a place where the color of the leather has been rubbed so that it appears lighter. How bad does it make a bag look when it gets a spot like that? How frequently does that happen? I'm a little distressed that a bag that costs typically between $1K and $2K (or more!) would wear like that. If I DO buy a Spy, I would want to be able to carry it and use it. I am careful about my bags, but they do get tossed in and out of my car, into a desk drawer at work, into a shopping cart at the grocery store, etc. Should I give up on the idea of a Spy?
  2. To my understanding, the older spies do not have the protective coating that the current ones have. So they tend to 'blush' more. Some people like the natural wear on the bag, some don't. The spy is definitely not like an LV, you do have to be gentle with it and by the sounds of it, you take care of your bags. In my opinion, it shouldn't be a problem. They spy is a great bag and I highly recommend it.
  3. Yes, I think the newer ones tend to hold their colour better. It also sounds like you take very good care of your bags, and if you love the spy (like we do!), go for it! I don't think you'll be disappointed. :smile:
  4. i haven't had any problems like that with any of mine, but it does seem like there are a lot of bags with rub marks like that coming up on eBay, especially in the brown shades.
  5. I had a brown baby i used all the time for a year, every day in a desk and in the car, through the winter, i personally love the look of the leather as it ages but never had a prob. with tearing etc. I high recommend, never had a large spy someday perhaps but my babies do quite well and i live in montana we have to be tough ha...
  6. Just wanted to mention that the '07 zucca/nappa spies (the canvas ZZ's and brown leather combo) fade/blush easy. I'm not happy with this happening to mine so have to sparingly and extra-carefully use it. I think the all leather ones are properly coated though, no problems with my all leather one.