how well do you think NIB red patent yoyo 85mm

  1. CL's will do on eBay right now? i search completed listings but came up with nothing...Do you think I'll get retail (540) or more? or should i wait until after thanksgiving to list them (for the christmas rush)

    pic borrowed from eBay
  2. oops, i misread your post! i think you should post them on eBay now before the thanksgiving sale!! maybe drop a little or throw in free shipping to attract buyers??
  3. ^^ lol i think she meant as a seller, not a buyer. I think you should list them right away because what if they do go on sale??
  4. omgosh are they supposed to go on sale or something?
  5. I am not sure if that particular style will be on sale, but there will be sales starting right after Thanksgiving. Maybe you can list it below retail, but put a reserve on it so that you can get your money back.

    Did you get them on ebay or did you get them at a store?
  6. Never know:shrugs:. Why don't you return them? Where did you buy them?
  7. i got them from Saks
  8. Then you should return them! As long as you have the sticker on the box, it should be ok. You don't need the receipt.
  9. I would rather return to Saks. You would be credited back or you can exchange them.
  10. They are beautiful, but if they are new, why chance it? Return them and I am sure a TPF member will buy them!
  11. You should return it to SAKS..

    A week ago the same pair went for around $350..
  12. those were used though if i remember correctly...

  13. there are so many great CLs sales right now....maybe try selling them after thanksgiving sale and designer sales.