How well do you know...

  1. I scored 11 out of 12, I don't know anything about golf!

  2. LOL! I knew the golf question b/c of my father. Missed the sunglasses one...
  3. I got 9 out of 12. :shame:
  4. 12/12 :smartass:
  5. 11/12 & DH JUST bought new clubs from Callaway!!! ARGH!
  6. 10/12.
  7. 11/12. yup, know nada about those sunglasses.
  8. Same here- that was the only one I missed :push:
  9. I got 12/12... but i guessed on a couple questions, so I got lucky!
  10. 12/12...yay me!
  11. I got 8/12 I missed the Sunglasses, Golf, Waterford, and one more.. Basically everything that wasn't related to purses. :p
  12. 11/12...missed the bloomingdales...:shrugs: we don't have one in our state...
  13. I scored 11/12 without even thinking about it...pretty easy and fun! Oh and yeah, I missed the golf one too... My husband plays and I have been with him but I don't give a rats behind about golf...LOL.
  14. 10 out of 12.

    I missed the Porsche question and the watch question.

    I got the golf one right - Lucky guess!