How well do you know your world

  1. kinda lame but good way to learn I guess
  2. it is addicting!!
  3. I liked it! FUN!
  4. I.Q. is 90. Whew!
  5. I love that game!! I suck, but I love that game! Must try on husband!
  6. Veeery addictive... I think I'm geographically challenged.
  7. Not good at it.
  8. I've already got this on my favorite is addicting.....
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    OMG this game is amazingly fun!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Wow, I learnt I don't know where the Netherlands Argentina, Israel, Prague, Greece or Austria are. Lol I thought Israel was next to Burma hehe yay me! I was 6369 km off. I need a map... My IQ still came out at 88 though, yay!
  10. My IQ is 83 at level far. Gotta try some more! This is fun!