How well do enamel bangles wear?

  1. I was thinking of getting another enamel clic-clac bangle but first I wanted to get some advice on how well they wear. How long have you had yours, how often do you wear it and is it still in good condition? thanks for the help girls !
  2. OK, my bangles are one of the first things I bought at Hermes - I would say around 12-15 years ago for the oldest ones - they've held up fine! My clic-clac (which isn't as old - they weren't around until recently) has minor scratching on the bottom (not the enamel, the palladium) which is to be expected.

    The only thing I have ever been told is to not get them wet - they've held up to wear beautifully!

    I LOVE them, they are some of my favourite Hermes things! I like to wear two or three at a time!
  3. if you are careful not to bang them into anything while wearing it you should be fine. i have one gold one i bought this summer and the gold part turned off color for no apparent reason within two months. i asked for a replacement and was refused but offered to send it for re-golding or whatever they do which was told would take months so wait til summer was over. Baaah.
  4. HC, did you experience this with a clic clac or other enamel bracelet?
  5. I have six enamels, not Clic-Clacs, and I wear at least one every day, in rotation. They take a lot of abuse, and have worn really, really well.
  6. As GF said, I have also heard that you should avoid getting them wet.
  7. I love them, and wear them often.

    But the edging gold or PH rings can come off, though I think it is rare. It has only happend to one, and it did get wet.

    ....It is out for repair at Hermes at the moment. I am anxious to see how it comes back; I wouldnt be sad if they replaced the piece and polished the other one....I hope they do...

    Will update when I am reunited with the bracelet...
  8. I have quite a few Hermes enamel bracelets. At first they were something that I thought I would never be interested in then I caught the Hermes bug for them. I wear them frequently (alright almost daily) both individually and two or three together. Other than a bit of scratching (very minor) they remain beautiful. It is another fabulous Hermes product!
  9. ^^ITA with SUS and forgot to add that they are addictive.
  10. Oh, I love my Clic Clacs. I got two in May of this year and wear them about 3 times a week. I usually wear them together. I have brown and a vert anis (or similar to it). I have the silver (palladium?) and there are some surface scratches on the silver portion but nothing that is noticeable. They are still very shiny. I have the thin version.

    I have thin wrists and the regular enamels are just too large for me. I like that these are sort of oval shaped and the hug the wrist so nicely. I am in love with this style and can't wait to get more colors.
  11. I have one clic-clac...the palladium/silver is VERY scratched on the bottom (but that's to be expected, I am right handed and wear it on my right wrist) and several enamel bracelets. I think if I wore it on my left wrist, it wouldn't be that scratched...maybe that's what I'll do with the next one I buy. ;)

    The palladium/silver of one of my enamel bracelets is coming loose, but I was told it can be fixed. That all said, I use my jewelry and I am probably pretty hard on it. As I don't think it's a lack of quality, I would always buy more.

    Both bracelets are about 2 years old and are worn 1-2 times a week.
  12. I have gobs of clic clacs and wear one 3-4x a week. I avoid getting them wet. They have taken a beating but still look great! Light scratches on the palladium (I don't have any gold ones) and no problems with the enamel at all.
  13. Just curious but what happens to these things when they get wet? It is annoying to me that Hermes charges a fortune for things that can't take normal elements like rain!

    I have a wonderful enamel bracelet that I have had since Xmas of 2001. It has held up very well.
  14. It's getting them wet that lifts the gold or pall edging.
  15. Eeeep - I still had one on when I bathed my children last week!

    No one told me about the water :wtf:

    Does it break down the glue or something?:wondering