How well do Coach shoes hold up?

  1. I'm seriously considering the Ladie Velvet ballet flats, and I was wondering for those of you who have Coach flats, how well do they hold up? Do you wear them often? I feel like if I'm spending almost $200 on flats I will probably wear them often and I don't want them to start looking bad after a few weeks.

    Thanks ladies!:smile:
  2. IMO- they hold up really well.
  3. I only wear Coach shoes. I am amazed how well Coach shoes hold up. And I have quite a few pairs.

  4. I have two pairs of signature sandals and one pair of leather sandals. So far, I have been very pleased with all of them - especially the signature ones. Honestly, I didn't expect the signature to hold up as well as it has. I've never owned a pair in velvet so I can't say much about that but overall, I think the quality of Coach shoes is excellent. :yes:

    BTW, the Ladie flats are very pretty!
  5. ^LOL, beljwl! I guess we can call you our resident expert on Coach shoes!! What an awesome collection!

  6. Thanks...
  7. My daughter has about 10 pairs of Coach shoes, from flats to heels to boots. She loves them. Only one pair caused a lot of pain and she gave them to goodwill. It was her legacy strip flats I think.

    I have a few pairs of the sneakers and I love them.
  8. They hold up great! I've got the wood Mayra wedges, signature Janeesa wedges, sig flip flops and some plain white sneakers. To be honest I've hardly worn the sneakers but I've about lived in the janeesa's and flip flops this summer.

    The Mayra wedges are incredible but the wood scuffed a little bit on the back of one of the heels so I will take it to my shoe repair to have the wood refinished and the rubber reattached on the heel.
  9. I have a couple of pairs of the tennies and love them to DEATH! They are massively comfortable and are holding up like none other, and I am pretty active in them.
  10. I just bought a pair too,so I'm glad to hear they hold up. They are very comfortable. The leather flats I bought had a real cushy liner I think you will enjoy them.
  11. omg your shoe collection is tdf. I really like those sig wedges
  12. i LOVE my coach shoes. i've got 7 in rotation right now, and a few more that are in their boxes and gathering dust, lol.

    i've worn my black sig flats for almost a year straight, it seems, and they're holding up extremely well. took me forever to break them in (i have a wide foot and they weren't agreeing with me), but it's SO worth it when they finally do get broken in. and my kate sneakers are pure LOVE.
  13. speaking of coach shoes, how's the fit? are they tts or run a little big/small? And are they comfy, cushioned? Sorry for asking so many qs but I gotta be sure :biggrin:

  14. then run big, length wise. but small, width wise (on me). not a TON of cushioning, but enough (by far, the sneakers and sneaker flat thingys are the most cushy). but gel inserts make everything feel better, haha.
  15. My two cents: I own several pairs of coach shoes and I can honestly say that that was money well spent. They are comfortable, can take a beating without looking ragged and look amazing. Mine are all true to size but I wouldn't buy them without trying them on. This is my summer of Coach shoes. I've worn them almost everyday this summer!!