How well are bags packed and shipped through e-lux?

  1. I want to order my next bag through e-lux, but I was worried that it will arrive smashed down in a box. How was the shipping for all of you who have ordered through them?
  2. it depends what you got.....eluxury is really good about their packaging, using big boxes with lots of air bubbles and stuff, but some bags just come smooshed because that's the way they're store, even at LV (i.e. a speedy is stored folded in a dustbag) it all depends, but packaging is one thing i've never had an issue with from eluxury :P
  3. Great, thanks a bunch!
  4. The boxes and packing materials are excellent. However, certain bags are folded flat and shipped that way. It is not eluxury's fault, LV send bags to them folded flat. My cabas piano and batignolles horizontal were not folded or creased in any way, but my speedy 25 was. It looks awesome now that I have carried it enough to get the creases out.
  5. My damier trousse was shipped well in an uncrushed LV box (well protected) and lots of packing material. It arrived in perfect condition.
  6. The speedy is what I want...the creases do come out? That's good...I was worried about that.
  7. the creases usually come right out within a matter of days as long as you unfold it and maybe stuff it with something so that it'll hold its new shape worries i'm sure your bag will be perfect :P

    my only complaint was that the UPS man (?....can't remember if it was UPS) left my $1000 bag sitting in front of my door without ever ringing my doorbell or having me sign for's a good thing i was sitting at home waiting for it :mad: (not that my neighbors would steal my bag but was raining that day :Push: )
  8. Gee, lucky you were home. I would give that courier company a call. Lucky I know all the USPS, FEDEX AND UPS guys. Sometime they call my cell before they attemp to deliver my packages :shame: :shame: :shame:
    they all are cuties...
  9. I've ordered almost every LV thing I've got off of Elux. Their packing has always been great and everything has arrived in great shape.
  10. I wanted it to be UPS but they shipped mine to me FedEx. I HAD to be home to get it and I work all day so I had it sent to work instead.

    Their box is roomy and huge with lots of this air packets to protect the LV box inside.
  11. my speedy came in this HUGE cardboard box, and then it was filled with those air bubble thingsy, you know, the huge baggies filled with air, and then inside all of that was the sweet LV box with the bag. I was impressed.
  12. Anything I have ever got from E-lux was shipped Perfect..GREAT packing... and there return policy is wonderful...MUCH better then the LV store on returns.I think LV is 14 days E-lux is 60 days...:nuts:
  13. I must say that eluxury has the greatest packaging. everything i had ordered came in neatly and nicely packaged in large box with packing bubbles (the nice kind) when i bought just the vuitton post it notes for my agenda it arrived in the nice boxes meant for the wallets. hands down nicest packaging!
  14. I love Elux!!! Everything that I have ordered from them has been professionally packaged. All my handbags have had plastic on the handles (that's something that doesn't always happen in the boutiques). I love their return policy. I will continue to order from them. I have nothing but good things to say about them.
  15. I shopped on their site 3 times, and NEVER had I had a smashed box. They fill the entire empty portion of the box with those air bubble thingies. They're the best!